Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alesha is tickling my laughing bone.

This is what happened this morning -

Me : Sha, come la kiss mam..
Sha: Na nak (smiling sweetly and shaking her head)
Me : Sikit je...sayang mama sini (pointing to my cheek)
Sha: Sha na nak (Sha tak nak)
Me : Sha sayang papa tak?
Sha: Muahs (stand up walk to hubby and give him a kiss with that smacking sound and lie down again)
Me : haa..mama punya turn pulak.. Come sayang mama
Sha: Mama na nak...

This is what happened yesterday -

Pa : Sha sayang papa ke mama?
Sha: Mama muahss (did the flying kiss mouth smacking act)
Pa : Sha sayang papa kan?
Sha: Na nak. Mama (pointing at me)

Now should i smile or cry?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Can u see the 2 lines there?

YES... it's positive. Come December 2007, we are going to have another baby on the roll.

Its really a pre-planned thingy. Lets not get into how the coercion part was involved in the making on #2. (i just read a blog on how awkward this girl was feeling whenever she hears couple telling they are trying = make love = have sex >> though it escapes me how the act of actually doing is ok and talking about it not ok *ponder*ponder*) But to simply put ..i dont want to make ppl reading this blog awkward in any sense.

Alrite...but i think how i plan for #2 should be recorded somewhere. At least i can recall the making of #2 when he (i hope #2 is a HE) all grown up and trying to act wise with me.

1. Keep track of your menstrual cycle. For at least 3 mos. Your 1st day of period and cycle etc etc (heavy/medium flows)
2. Keep track of your fertility chart
3. Keep track of your mating sessions

basically all these and with God's Blessing...u have lil one swimming in your belly.

Have been trying to get a 2007 baby since Alesha turned 1. Reason being im getting older and i like year end babies. So the new year will signifies new beginning with new family members. Some mumbo jumbo like that.

Being older means i have to carefully plan my 'productivity' output too. I dont have the time to re-procreate same output over and over again without variety. im sounding like a production machine. but u get my drift.

Now the stress is getting to know the gender of my incoming baby. Still a long way to go. About 35 weeks to be exact.

Which also means i have exactly 7 weeks left to start feeling miserable.

and another 24 weeks to start cursing my ever bloated tummy and forever cramped legs. Arrghh....why do i want another baby ?? - im asking myself now.

But what i cant hardly wait, is to see the baby clear eyes looking at me. Alesha was looking straight at me the moment the doc lifted her up to me. And the feeling was incredible. I will surfer 55 weeks of cramped legs just to experience that feeling again....

Gawd...the lil' one is still fighting for survival and i am now thinking 2009 would be a nice year for new addition in the family. SUCKER!!!