Friday, June 27, 2008


A scene in a bathroom two mornings ago:-

Mama: Sha, wash your tummy
Alesha: (wash wash tummy) Angun pagi..gosok giiiigii etc etc

Mama: Sha, wash your armpit
Alesha: (raised 2 hands up on the air - continue singing)

Mama: Ok ok dah dah last..wash your face
Alesha: (hand go down to chest and give me the *is this face?* look)

Mama: No. YOUR FACE! (voice cracking up a notch high - Its 8.30 am and im late for work)
Alesha: (hands go even lower to tummy and give me the *is this face* look)

Mama: F!A!C!E!. Ni hah. FACE. (voice definitely at high pitch while pointing to FACE)
Alesha: (senyum kambing while washing her face)

Adeiii pengsan mak

What happened in Sat 21/7/08

We were baking!
YUp!! We were. I was on leave on Thurs due to some emergency back home. Hubby dropped by to buy some stationery and i looked to my left HAHAH BAGUS!!( As in BAGUS THE BAKERY INGREDIENTS SHOP)
Well, with 1 kid on sling and 1 chattermouth kid in her pretty terompah flip flop (damn bugger cost me RM30!!), we crossed the street and began our motivated journey (more aptly- mama's aspiration to become a cup cake maker!) to Bagus.
We bought tonnes of things which include muffin choc flour, vanila muffin flour, butter cake mixture and all the 'easy to bake' ingredients'. Gone the days of measuring baking powder, flour, etc etc. Now dump and mix!!
beli beli and beli - the Chatterbox Kid got excited with the variety of cuppies. Noticed 2 extra cuppies and 1 pack of flower confec i didnt put in the basket - We all know whose work is that.
Come Saturday...with the very high hope, the family 'berkampung' at the inlaw. FYI, my SIL is a great baker. She bakes everything from yummylicious mexicon bun to hot salivating creamy choc cake. Moi with the eagerness that beats a 21/2 years old kid begin mixturing the batter despite the high cry of the kid who refuses to be on his own (aka Azhad Razan yang manja)- to the extend my hubby muka kelat-kelat carrying crying Azhad.
Come decorating time, Alesha was at hard work decorating the flower confec (more like membenamkan the flower on the cuppies) and sprinkling the cuppies with smarties and things (i seriously dont know what u call all the lil leaves shape thingy)
POINT IN WRITING ALL THESE CRAP- Alesha, jangan cakap mama tak bake for you!!

BF Azhad

Cerita Azhad - i have finally feed him solid when he reaches 6 mos ++ days. On the same day too, i decided to buy FM for Azhad. I have finally admitted that it is too stressful for me to maintain pumping during office hours and to rush home after work, knowing that my stock is running low. I am sick and tired of getting phone calls telling me that only 2 oz left and i should be home soon. Alhamdullilah, God has given me a full 6 months rezki to feed Azhad on breastmilk completely.
Moving on, i dont think i have any regret. Though i have supply FM at home, it seems that Azhad is no really 'into' its taste. He is eating more and drinking plain water to substitute for the lack of FM in his diet. I am still pumping and manage to get about 10 - 12 oz as opposed to 20 - 24 oz a day. Azhad apparently fails to finish the usual 10 oz i supplied him daily.
I think Azhad now knows what he wants. It is direect feeding. Though it saddens me to see he is not drinking much during my absence, but it has somehow cheer me up knowing he wants my direct-feeding as opposed to bottle feed.
Keep it up dear Azhad. Mama loves you.

Hows my new look?

Whaddaya say?

Hows my new look? Va va voom tak?

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aktiviti Sekeluarga

Activity Family

Aktiviti 1 - Menonton Wayang.

wayang pertama, Azhad lepak ZZZZZ dari mula sampai abis. Alesha lak tak sampai 1/2 movie, dah ZZZZZZ jugak. Cerita Spiderwick Chronicles.

wayang kedua - Dr. Seus ntah apa apa says who (?) ni memang boring maut. Alesha dah boring tahap gaban sampai panjat kerusi. TU tak masuk dia whining jerit jerit tengah movie. Sabarrrr

wayang ketiga - Cerita narnia. Ini memang potong steam betul la. baru 15 min, Azhad dah jaga dari tido. Hentam melalak pastu asyik pandang belakang (kitaorang duduk belakang skali) aku pun naik seriau ada jembalang Narnia ke kat spot gelap belakang aku. Aku spend most of time kat luar menenangkan dia. Alesha lak 1/2 jalan dah tido. Hubby lak paip air nak bocor, dah tak tahan nak pangku Alesha. Gamaknya, 3/4 kitaorang keluar..Potong betul

wayang keempat KungFu Panda, ini memang syok gile. Seat depan kitaorang completely kosong and we went with family friends yg anaknya ala ala best friend Alesha. So kira aku dapat tengok wayang ngan damainya. Azhad lak woke up 3/4 of the movie. Tapi pakcik montel ni memang kartun freak kot (the only time i can leave him on his own when 613 is on the tv). Terbeliak-beliak tengok screen. So..yuhhuuuu attempt berjaya.

Aktiviti 2 - Karaoke

ahahhaha boleh caya tak? Haritu kitaorang anak beranak gi karaoke. Alesha balik balik nyanyi chorus lagu O! O! Ketahuan..dengan lirik ntah apa-apa. Azhad pun nyanyi jugak. jerit jerit up down seronok ntah apa sebab. Uwaaa..tapi tak leh direpeat selalu. Nanti pekak tuli anak-anak aku!!

Aktiviti 3 - Swimming
Wajarnya Alesha masuk swimming class next year. Aku tak mo masuk this year.Nak bg dia orientasikan minda dia dulu dgn alam persekolahan.Bila dah ok, baru nk enroll kan dia dgn the many classes yg suit my pocket. Haha

Aktiviti Papa
Laki aku takde aktiviti lain la except BOLA - BOLA - BOLA. Malam tengok bola, subuh tengok bola, tengahri citer pasal bola, petang main bola and the cycle continuers...BORING SUNNGUH

Aktiviti Mama
Uwaaa ini yang paling best. setelah hampir 5 tahun meniggalkan arena yg aku pernah berkecimpung ni, buat sekian kalinya aku menjejakkan kakiku kembali. boleh caya tak..Mak g clubbing!!! kuang kuang kuang. laki aku masa jemput aku pukul 2 tu aku tengok muka kelat semacam. Ala-ala rela dalam paksa gitu bagi aku gi. Lantak la labuuu..nak kelat camna pun. Dah bagi takkan la nak tarik balik pulak. tapi permasalahannya sekarang, kekawan aku ni dah cam naik syok pulak nak buat aktiviti ni untuk monthly basis. Yennadeyyy..ingat aku ni single lagi ke!!!

the Razans

havent been writing for quite sometime i believe.

But for the sake of me remembering the events in my life, i definitely have to write it down:

At 2yrs 6 mos, she's a bubbly little me. I see traits of me in her - how she sings outloud, how she screams, how she gets angry. Its a reflection of me. I see too how the father's genes run deep in her blood. I see how easily she gets frustrated, her concentration on little things. She is definitely a little me who needs somebody like her papa to keep her grounded.

at 6 mos, Azhad is a dear dear lil boy in my heart. I know he loves me wholeheartedly just by seing him jumping up and down whenever i come home from work. Azhad mesmerizes me daily on his affection towards me. Azhad started to turn on his tummy when he's 3 and now he is beginning to crawl.

Bringing up Alesha and Azhad are a total different experience to me. Alesha was a fussy baby and easily distracted with toys. She can spend time on floors surrounded with toys. Azhad? He couldn't even spend 5 full seconds on his own. Always demanding attention and always wanting my devoted attention. Azhad was never fussy except that he wants to suckle all the time.

I think the attachment Azhad has for me simply because he is a breastfed baby as opposed to Alesha. Good ? or Bad? I hope its for the best.