Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my 2nd trimester

Yesterday was my 20 weeks check-up day. It was not really my 20th weeks..more like 19 weeks ++.

The good news are:
1. tahap kemalasan dah beransur kurang
2. lethargic and mual mual dah takde
3. My semput is subsiding (aku kena astmatic attack at about 14 weeks)
4. my weight is now 75.3 kg (Aik..buat muka terperanjat..This is consider good la sebab den ni pun dah sedia ada 74kg before preggy. So..kena maintain not too much increase - nanti mati aku nak kurus balik)
5. I now know the gender of the baby..tapi ni suprise..Give me 1 more ultrasound cum 6 mos and i will get to the story telling .

The not so good news..
1. Perut though not that mereneng stretch dah start gatal-gatal. I foresee a very fierce stretch mark on the way..
2. Very bad sinus cum eczema attck..Muka all flacky and merah2 and gatal-gatal. Again i foresee this pregnancy moi wont be looking glowingly jambu - same goes during Alesha's.
3. Perut aku kekadang sengkak kat rib cage. Maybe lil' one ni ada habit snugling kat rib cage. And most of the time, dia kat ari-ari. Maybe i should consider urut for this? I will think about this bila nak masuk 6 mos nanti.
4. My gynae referred me to Respiratory Specialist - this to prepare me for my asthmatic attack during delivery. Not so good news and not much of info sebab gynae asked me to see the RP personally to get more info and ashmatic and labour
5. Gynae without much alarm informed aku masa ultrasound i've got lil' fibroid. Hmm..nothing to be worried about thats what she said..but you can help wondering eh?
5. The current hospital is charging mad bill!! Hmm...camna ni..nak beranak kat sini, tapi monthly consultation mahal sangat la pulak. Maybe best check at gynae at normal clinic and then beranak kat sini. Tapi banyak sangat la complications aku ni viz asthma, fibroid, difficult previous labour...hmmm...maybe i should just stick at 1 hospital where they have all my records??
6. I can't find any name i like. Hahaha..premature nyer nak pikir pasal nama at this stage kan. Tapi masa alesha dulu we went for about 5 -6 rounds of potential names since i knew i was pregnant. Yang ni semua nama yang kitaorang come accross aku cam tak berapa suka..hmm...kena tengok balik buku abu afiqah ni.

Uish..cam lagi banyak la pulak bad news dari good news...*ponder* *ponder*