Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Minah Saleh in Me

Ni surat aku yang tengah hangin. Apa point post ni? Hahahha..aku cam terkujat je aku leh marah cam omputih. kuikuikui..

22 December 2008

Aku Yang Tgh Geram & sakit

Ntah Apa-apa punya Insurance

Dear Sirs,

Appeal for Reimbursement of Medical Fees

I refer to the above matter.

For your information, I was admitted in Hospital Pusrawi Sdn Bhd (Pusrawi) on 15 December 2008 to undergo an ovarian cycst operation. I had on Friday, 12 December 2008 requested for a Guarantee Letter from MediXX Sdn Bhd (MediXX), to which MediXXX had faxed over a piece of paper I had forwarded to Pusrawi. I am unaware of the content of the letter and the purpose of the letter faxed by MediXXX.

The operation was a success and I was admitted in ward for 4 days until Thursday 19 December 2008. Upon my discharged, I discovered that MediXXX has refused to bear the costs of my operation totaling RM6,277.60. I was then forced to bear the costs as the Doctor in charged had signed off my discharged papers without having prior knowledge of the rejection by MediXXX.

I had immediately contacted one Dr. Andrew from MediXXX to express my dissatisfaction on this issue. Upon my conversation with Dr. Andrew, he informed that he had issued the rejection letter as the description stated by my Doctor was Dermoid Cycst, as in my request for GL faxed on 12 December 2008. He further informed that such cycst was a congenital defect which was not covered by the insurance.

His explanation was a shock to me, as even as layman I know that my condition only occurred during the later term of my third pregnancy (1st pregnancy was a miscarriage) and one month after I had my second baby through my post natal check-up. I have without failed consulted doctors on monthly basis for all my pregnancies where ultra sounds were conducted each time (within the time span of 3 years) and none until my recent pregnancy, I was told of my condition. To be informed that my condition was congenital and not worth the insurance coverage was simply unbelievable.

I believe Dr. Andrew had mistakenly endorsed the GL-Rejection letter without full information of my case. I seriously believe that initiatives should have been taken by this Dr. Andrew or any representative from MediXXX to confirm my situation as he had full 6 days (including weekends) subsequent to my request for GL and prior to my discharge to clarify the matter to me or to my Doctor.

I have then further seek explanation by my Doctor namely Doctor Habibah Abd Ghani of my condition, which she confirmed not a congenital defect. I am neither from the Medical field nor have the basic knowledge to explain my condition, but I believe that my case worth to be assessed again as the initial assessment from MediXXX has been done hastily.

Therefore, I wish to submit my appeal for the medical fees (as enclosed) incurred for the operation to be reimbursed by your good company. I enclosed herewith the supporting letter from Doktor Habibah to reaffirm my condition. Please feel free to call me directly or Doktor Habibah of Pusrawi personally to obtain clear picture of my condition in your assessment of my appeal.

I await a favorable reply from your goodselves.

Thank you.

Nama aku

c.c Office aku

memang jahanam la si andrew tu. Aku memang tak pedulik nak letak nama betul dia. Kot iye ke nama betul. Dia ingat dia tu ala ala Doktor Phil Oprah Winfrey je ke nak go by 1st name aje. Mamposs la ko kat situ.