Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new year and new resolution ..again?

hey peeps,

oohh it is 2010 already? *shivers* time flies!!

havent been writing much, yes i know. but somehow, memang takde idea nak tulis. the happenings in life - of course la banyak kan. but then again, tak terasa nak tulis.

Alesha is off to school like a big girl she is. day 1 and day 2 we were waiting outside her new class. but by the 3rd day, she was ok and in fact insisted that i dropped her by at the main gate, where she walked very confidently to her own class at level 2. Mak beamed with pride tapi so sedeh too coz my baby girl doesnt need me anymore *sob* sob* oh goes on.

She requested for a ballet class this year. have been talking about it since last year infact. tapi im not so confident of letting her stay away more hours at school sebab last year was her 1st year in school. She had her 1st ballet class last week, and couldn't wait to go for the next class -which is every friday. Now demanded we buy her tutu and shoe and the blardy expensive ballet gear la kan. rabak poket mak. Allocation ready dah , but not so confident of purchasing because her 'kakak malu' attitude tu kekadang makes her quit half way. sheesshhhh!! camna nak buat??

Baru masuk 1st month teacher is making notation in her reading book - REVISION AT HOME PLEASE!! nampak naa the momsy tak buat revision. apa la teacher ni. im not pushing her to read pun. so what if her classmates dah sampai book 20 she is still at her book 5? tapi sebab dah teacher remarked like that, me stressed tak tentu pasal. Plus im a bit worry coz she tends to write terbalik. Alesha is correct (she can write her full name) but sometimes 'e' ngadap 'l' and 's' ngadap 'e'. whats the penyakit? dyslexis? (sp.) rasanye tak kot. coz i know some of ur girls are also having the same prob.

nonetheless, mak masih hari hari pakai mantra 'no peer pressure! no peer pressure!' i never believe in pressuring for school excellence. Life is much more than being good in school. lagipun, setakat pandai sampai darjah 6 aje, bila dah masuk secondary ke laut buat apa? Of course im talking from experience!!

Azhad is still the baby me. Mouth is getting cleaver also. Favorite sentences ..'mama niiii...' accompanied with muka n mata yg kerut kerut pissed off giler kenkonon. 'or pweeeaaseee..' if rasa rasa permintaan akan ditolak. He is getting chubbier each day and loves me like nobody in this world. Of course la any son would loves his mother (any daugther too) but he is very expressive with his feelings..definitely my boy la kan. like suddenly mouth-kiss me with 'i youu mama..' read 'i love u mama', or hands on my cheeks and very cheeky smiles with eyes kerut kerut, followed with a big hug.

because of this, we had decided to put on hold the idea of another baby. damn..dah 2 tahun dah pun on hold, when the original plan was to have babies every 2 years. tapi mak is not complaining as this baby-on-hold thing is very much related to my new year resolution.

the vain me decided 2010 is a time for me and me and me. jan 2010 started very shitty ok! but lets not get into that. work wise too depressing. but not an excuse for me not to proced with my new year resolution.

2010 is a time to look GOOD babe! as in bodylicious-make-up-forever-stilettos-allthetimes!! but god knows la berapa lama aku nak continue pakai high heel kan coz mmg dah ada history sakit pinggang if pakai heels. nonetheless, lets see how long this year's resolution last.

until later peeps, wa nak tido dulu. i leave u with my perasan vogue pic ..of course ngan side kicks 2 orang itu kan..tata