Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Selingan : can u believe it i forgot to bring ebm to MIL? Lenggang kangkung (NOT! Was carrying sleepy Azhad, big hand beg (kenkonon berangan stylish nak bawak duffel beg yg bagak itu) and Avent, car key) to MIL dengan semangatnya sebab baru pukul 8.15 a.m. 1st time sampai ofis 8.30 am dude!! Come 9.00 a.m. laki aku dah menjerit dari umah. Alesha was still sleeping.

Asked SIL to give him formula on Alesha's bottle. Trying out my luck coz he likes to suckle her bottle.

Just called SIL. Azhad refused to drink. (Amin..dalam hati dah terdetik..inikah era berakhirnya ebm aku. Nasib baik dia tak mo) Now he is outside tengok burung while waiting for papa and kakak datang jalan kaki bawak ebm.

hahahaha. berpeluh ketiak la dua beranak tu jalan kaki. Tu la..orang kejut suruh bangun tak mo.


I was screaming my head off at Alesha while we were driving to someplace for something that she did(now i cant seem to remember why i was so angry - punya la immaterial punya hal boleh mengamuk cam giler) . Within seconds of me breathing fire..she asked me these..

Her : Ma sayang Sha tak?

Me: Sayang! (in a very tak sayang tone)

Her: Kalau sayang kenapa marah sangat?

Me: *gulp*

So dear friends...tell me how do i respond to that.

I would like to think that i am raising a emotionally genius child (as opposed to brain genius - quoting Diyanazman - geniuses are freaks, normal is awesome) who is perceptive to people's feelings around her, hence she asked me that question. But definitely not when i was being put under the above situation.

If she can asked me this at 3 years old, imagine what she will be asking (or retaliating) when she is 13 yrs old? *shivers* *shivers*

I was brought up old school. Canning and mom shouting from the top of her lung at me (think berleter in BOSE speaker turn at high volume) where the neighbors right left and 3 houses down from either side can hear her. Definitely NOT the psycho-therapy session family where no cubit-cubitan and lempang-lempangan are allowed.

Not denying that i am turning into my mom, i am worried for Alesha. For all the screamings and yellings and etc etc, i think i turned out good. But will she be 'good' too?