Monday, May 28, 2007


Its seems like forever since my last post.phew...lotsa things had happened. Dont have the time to write them all.

But i feel like writing something down today. I have not been THAT busy. Yes..i have been busy but NOT that busy to stop visiting some of my favorite blogs. These people may not realise that im keeping track of the happenings in their lives more than my own. In fact, i have never met some of them and had not been more than an acquantance (did i get the spelling rite?) to them.

But then again, i read their posts like they are my best buddies. i think reading their posts mold me into a better person. Reading their posts make me realised i am just human - a working mom who wants only whats best for her family. NOT a superwoman whom i think i should be.

So to my cyber 'acquantances' out there...keep on writing. Now u know it makes a different to somebody's life out there - ME!!