Friday, April 4, 2008

Just my 20-sen

I was reading Fid's blog about excuses moms gave to NOT bf their children.

Some of her comments were simple hilarious. Her sumpah seranah was simply too kelakar for it to have actual impact (on me that is). But i tend to agree with her.

All the 'soalan sesak' napas tu memang simply out-of-this-world. Maybe boleh buat buku kot '50 Soalan-Soalan Sesak Napas Berhubung Penyusuan Anak'...Hahahaha

I mean, with due respect, i think the mothers who posted the question, only have the purest intention at heart and the posting came about only because they are seriously thinking of breastfeeding their lil' ones.

Tapi bak kata Fid la kan....kena la fikir logik.

When i decided to breastfeed Azhad, i think i asked petty questions too. I repeat : PETTY but not SESAK NApas OK!! (korang yg aku penah tanya boleh la tolong clarify kan aku ni)

And i tend to agree with Fid - the bottom line in breastfeeding your baby is yourself. There are no 2 ways around it. Preseverance ..preseverance and preseverance. And being the expert mom of NOT Breastfeeding her 1st born, i know the meaning of preserverance.

Timing kerja etc etc tu should not be a problem. Of course, not having the time to pump at work is also my problem especially now with mountain of works waiting (hence you are seeing less of me here nowadays) but it should not be the main reason why you are not breastfeeding your child.

Like me now, i am pumping only once in the office due to time constraint. But i make it a point to pump while feeding Azhad once i am home. And most of the time, i get about 6 - 8 oz in 1 go. Not bad considering Azhad takes about 4 oz one time. And if i am not too tired, 1 more pumping session before i go to sleep.

On top of preserverance, i think 1 good mantra is 'just go with the flow'. For me, i never put high expectation. I mean..well we have to believe in rezki tuhan bagi, right? As for me, it may not be in mata wang ringgit, but in my 'sufficient' milk production.

And when i say 'sufficient' it is really cukup-cukup..ok. I dont have like 2 months stock in freezer. My 'stock' is only for about 1 day. And there were days when it was damn hard for me to even get 4 oz. I sometimes had to spend close to 1 hour to express both breast to get about 3 oz.

I tried not to get gabra about it. Not to the point of posting the same popular question : cam mana nak tambah susu badan. Come on people, the answers are already posted on the 1st page of the thread!!! tak payah la nak keep on tanya kan. Aku naik nyampah nak bukak the thread sebab whenever it surfaces, it is still the same old question (ingatkan ada la soalan/jawapan baru)

As for me, in a way its a blessing in disguise that i was never 'blessed' with susu yang melimpah ruah. So i am not overly gabra whenever my milk supply is on the low side. But as not to take things for granted, these people worrying about their supply kena la take pro active measures like me.

Measure no. 1 : always have dried longan stock. I boiled mine every week with honeyed sugar rock. lasted for about 1 -2 days in a fridge. A favourite with hubby too.

Measure no. 2 : always have dried red kurma. Boiled this whenever i need a break from dried longan. Not really a fav with the family.

Measure no. 3 : biji halba. Had these during my confinement. An experience i detest to repeat. But just for extra measure incase no. 1 and no. 2 are no help.

What i am trying to say is, you only try you best. Kalau kemalasan dan segalanya dah mencengkam jiwa. Then do not force yourself coz u might end up hating yourself or worse your baby in the process.

Hakikatnya , if there is rezki for Azhad, there is. If not, there is always susu dalam tin. Thats my motivation.