Friday, June 22, 2007

Red World

Lately ni kisah orang bunuh orang makin brutal jadiknya. Not only here in Malaysia, dekat luar negara pun gitu gaks. Remember the Malaysian student yang kena bunuh di some Arab country (lupa lak aku mana).

Ive got this email from friend containing some graphic pictures of the scene of the crime. Nobody deserve to be stabbed over and over and over. Can u imagine, in between the stabbing, surely at a point of time, the victim would be pleading for his dear life. And most often, at the time of extreme pain and fear, the victim would pee in his own pant - and in this case, from the email, down his kain pelekat - which was later tertanggal due to his rush to escape the assault.

But what escapes me is how the suspect can keep on chasing the victim to inflict the pain. Wouldn't it like crossed his mind that 'Hey! this is wrong!! This person is in pain!Look at the blood everywhere!! Stop!!"

Where is the rationale?? where is your inner voice??

Few days ago i read another news about this 7months preganant couple murdered at their house and from the look of it (as what depicted in the news) robbery is not the motive. Must be someone they know. You can only derived at that conclusion at the first glance.

Not to mention student killings in the US. But since i hate the politics of the USA, i would find millions of excuses why brutal things like that happened in their country. But nonetheless, no one deserve such a threat to their lives just by walking down their school hallways.

My point is, i wonder whats happening with the world nowadays. Ok one good explanation is dunia akhir zaman. As a muslim, i believe that. But i need more that my faith to understand whats happening.

What is happening??