Thursday, October 23, 2008

entry untu faRizza

entry untuk farizza

aku boleh kot tulis kat komen ko tu za, tapi cam dah banyak sangat la.

apa yg diaorang tu tulis semua tu betullah. tapi a simple but worth remembering advice from me is pick a good solicitor to handle you file. Ive seen money wasted down the drain for simply stupid mistakes done by the lawyers handling the file.

Tak leh nak tulis bebanyak, nanti ada lak kenkawan makan jantung ngan aku laks.

azhad yang lemau

AZHAD is having a fever and a very bad case of flu and cough. He is sleeping beside me now, i can hear his snoring rather badly and i can quite see the mucus hanging from his nose (he is on his side btw). His temp is 38.3.

I havent given him any medication. The date on the flu/feve/cough bottles in the fridge goes as far back as in August 2008. Not sure whether the time of the medicine will have any affect on its effect (or effect on affect ??!!). Im too kesian at him to wake him up for me to administer the medicine on him, simply because when he is awake, he will be crying - and you know how bad flu and cough can do to you when you cry - and when he cries, he will need his susu - and i tak sampai hati hearing his breathing and seeing him gasping for air (as he is breathing through his mouth) when he is susuing. So i have prepare itu ubat bontot. so maybe hubby will administer come 1 or 2 am.

mmm if baru i ni baru 1 st baby. I seems to forget how to care for a sick child. Come to think of it, i (think) am an expert at this as Alesha was forever sick during her 1st year. Every month we'll be off to clinic for this or that penyakit. Not to mention sleepless nites menjeram her and calming her crying crazines in the middle of the nites.

Maybe because after 10 months, now would be the really really 1st time Azhad is sick. Hence im getting to get used to it. Or maybe muka Azhad yg sememek itu makes my heart go goey tak sampai hati nak force medicate him like when i used to do with Alesha.


ohh in case why any of you wondering why this is typed at 1 a.m. i am pleased (maybe not so once i start paying them bill la) to announce i have opted for unlimited data packet deal from my hp line. So no mr. max or ms. com broadband for me. pakai aje la kenkonon hp 3G hamba ni to access internet for rm99 permonth.