Wednesday, December 3, 2008

entry sakit hati

U all know im wearing today to work, right? But i have to confess that i dont wear one when im out and about during weekends or after office hour. There were even times, when i wore tudung 1 time and just pulled it off my head and shoved in my beg.

Does that make me a hypocrite? I dont know and i dont care to answer (nor i want you guys to answer too coz this is just one of the question that should be left unanswered if you dont want to be deleted from my bloglist - hehehhe..this does not come from me but from the result of that Blog Personality that i took la..)

A dear friend once called me a pretender and a person who is lost in her identity. I took no offense (well- a bit offended NOT because of being called as such but the gall of another person to streotype another person). I am not a pretender and most definitely know who i am and how to dress my self.

There were also people who gave me this 'look' when they see me without my headcover. This offense me most as opposed to the remark by the friend.

There were also people who placed me on a 'league' of my own. READ = i am such a bad-ass person and its not worth to even speak to me. This i dont mind coz a person of such narrowed mind does not even worth a blink of my one EYE. Sebelah mata pun aku tak sudi nak kawan ngan ko ok!!

The point in writing this? PEOPLE.. PLEASE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I could be going Pamela Lee decotelege (eh- ni ke ko spell nyer?) one time and my jubah one time.. but serious people, ini kubur aku (READ= aku memang tak suka nak pakai perkataan kubur ke apa ke sebab aku tau ini memang arrogant nak mampos n cam nak mencabar agama kita - tapi u get what i mean)

And for those who do not say anything and still hang out ngan aku despite my kejab ada kejab takde tudung - and for knowing i am more than my sexy baju when i dont wear my tudung and my muslimah tudung when im putting my tudung on - Thank you n May God Bless You.