Saturday, October 25, 2008


It 12 a.m now. I am here in front of the tv with lappy before me. Azhad is sleeping on the mat at the floor with occasional coughings. The cik abang sayang is outside having drinks with friends. yeah yeah a very sporting wife i am. And guess who beside me paying attention to what on tv. Yes. cik Alesha Razan is sporting an interest at the moves Charlize Theron is making.

now..she just asked me..kakak yang kulit dia hitam tu mana? dah mati ke?

hehehhehe...about 10 minutes ago she was gasping (with hands cupping her mounth - i must tell you!!) when the PELULU was firing at AeonFlux. Yup. Pelulu!! That was approximately the time when i feel i must write thsi down. hehhehe..well..she is asking for shu right back..or not. we'll see.

UPDATE: Hahaha tak sempat den nak bangun buat susu, minah ni dah lalok terkulai atas sofa. hehehe. Aku pun nak tido dah ni. esok is an early day for us, nak bertolak pi Penang ke Kedah ke (im bad at geo ok!!) menghantar my lil bro meminang. isk isk dah besar dah adek aku tu.

Cya guys..and happy holiday!!