Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I have been reading about homeschooling a lot now. Thanks to Fid, who writes about it, Anamiraa who has links to other blogs about it and Rizza who actually implemented homeschool.
Similar to Fid, i dont think i have the opportunity to do homeschooling simply because of the financial burden to the family. And by looking at how things are going, i doubt it that i will ever get the chance.
On this note, i have to say that i am deeply overzealous at my own incapacity to give the best for my children as opposed to 'housewives' moms out there.
I am writing this down simply as a reminder to myself that i have to change for the betterment of my children. Alesha will be in school come 2009 so she develops socially. I think she needs to be outside her circle so she will be more attune to people around her.
But more importantly, i have to make time for her. I was looking at various homeschool blogs lately and most definitely sure if i put just 1% more effort at making it work - even on weekends- my children will benefit from it.
Will write more about this when i can sort my schedule more.