Monday, March 12, 2007


I have settled down at my new job.

Its a thrilling adventure trying to absorp the working atmosphere i have here. I always think i am easily adjusted to new environment. and yes, i think i am sailing well here.

But a thought bothered me so often the past 2 weeks since i was here.
Do i like this jet set life..or do i want to be a full time mom..

Bore bore bore....I was once read comments by some of well known party goers (bah..holywood stars!!) such as madonna and not to mention recently bald dearest Ms. Spears.


doink!! back then the only thing that crossed my mind was - DUH!!!of have a human head coming thru your know what. Surely THAT will changed you (back then it didnt crossed my mind of C-SECT!!)

But true to changes me. It changed my perspective in life. I am torn between staying at the office until late at nites and later feeling so guilty having seen dear Alesha smiling ever so sweetly greeting me back home. Well..some might say 8.30 at nite is not THAT late. But please bear in mind...we had a taste of our routine evening walks...Good things in life are hard to miss.

I wonder if I will be as attached as I am now to my baby if I have more * ponder* *ponder*

Note to all: moi is trying to conceive now. BIG THREE O is catching up with me this September.