Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HPV...Did u get it?

The office has been nice to arrange a talk on cervix cancer to all the female staff.

Inclusive in the talk, was the offer for the 3 jabs of HPV vaccine done at the office. It cost about RM490 paid in instalments.

I took up the offer.

Today was the day for the first jab. not so painful. boleh lah...

HPV...Did u get it?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yes peeps - i am still alive!!

the long long hiatus was merely a writer block - and a bit of thinking whether i should stick to this blog, or move on to another new blog talking about new things.

as i said in my last post - which was yeah - almost 7 months ago, this year was all about me.

So far, i have replaced 2 compact powders, a tube of mascara, bought 3 shades of blusher, 2 tubes of primer and fixer..tried on purple barbie-styled lens (and sticking with it!) and mostly glasses-free when im out and about. Dear Hubby after sooooo many years with me, finally admitted moi look better without glasses. I am pretty sure he was saying that only because i have smacked lotsa eye make-up to cover my tired panda eyes ; which actually gave him the illusion i have hot smocking eyes *ok - now someone please slap me back to reality!!*

And i am again being real to myself - fashion style of course.I can pretend that im ok with the muslimah get-up - i am vain and i like what i have and still am wearing. So im totally over with jubah and such and sticking to my original outfit and suits my body type the most.

The fight against the bulges is still on. though hubby so dearest has actually scolded me like 'pesal la nak kurus - i tak penah mintak pun ok' - langsung haku sentap wokey - when i humbly (which is not a very often occasion) admitted that baby..i dah tak leh kurus le badan wa ok!

so the question now - sapa yg ngada nak kurus? sendiri jawab wokey

Kiddos are doing great. demam sini sana with asthma attack dekat si Azhad. Alesha is getting taller and thinly. pegang tangan pun macam pegang chopstick je gayanya. But she is one cute to be hot chick 1 day. bapak nye dah risau, aku ok aje. let her live her life.

Azhad still as headstrong as ever - if not more. hari hari kena marah sampai i think he will be the death of me - well he is also my pride n joy (too) but his strong personality is a challenge to hubby n me - sampai laki mak takut nak beranakkan mak wokey!!!

All in all life is great - friends are around me , families are still healthy - i couldnt possible ask for more (except bonus BOSS!!!!)

tata peeps,and until the muse to write is here with me again.