Thursday, September 4, 2008


The family has been ill for the past week.
First it was the shocking phone call from my step mom asking me to rush home from work coz my father was asking for me. Very serious and very the ‘at the death bed’ request, scares the shit out of me. Fact was my dad had a very serious fever-flu attack (and maybe coupled with anxiety attack) when he couldn’t breathe normally. Im guessing his sinus was working overtime and some more.
Two days then Alesha was on high fever. Temp was at 39.8 and not less than 1 degree lower for the next 2 days. I was practically a walking zombie and she was either drenched in her own sweat or me sponging her. In the middle of the ordeal, she was catching flu too. I blame it on me for over sponging her. But I stand corrected that I would rather see her selebet with flu smeared on her cheeks than having her brain on frying pan. So to speak.
By Saturday, Azhad was acting up too. Not as cranky as Alesha but I put him on normal dose of paracetamol still. The thought of 2 sick kids for me to care was simply nothing that I wish to experience. Lucky for him (more to me) it was only a scare.
Unfortunately, with 2 kids and myself not feeling so jovy, hubby decided to caught some of my dad’s virus. And with 1 ½ kids (azhad was still on thermo) and I big kid, I was a seating duck. Took 2 days off on Thurs n Fri with the initial intention of getting some rest for my feverish body.
Almost a week passed, my voice is sounding more sexy than Ratu Rock and Alesha is my sidekick. Hahahha…both of us sound like a cross of drag queen and ella at her best, particularly Alesha coz she still continuing speaking in her loud volume.
Alhamdullilah, the fever zone is now fever free. (fingers crossed). Just writing to keep the post flowing.