Monday, December 29, 2008

home alone

i am home alone with 2 sleeping kids. One is hanging by his mouth to my chest as if his dear life depends on it. Whilst the other one is hugging my left arm as if my arm is her life support machine. Yes people, i am super woman who can type with only her right hand. Too many days of IRC-ing back in college years i must say!!

Hubby is out with his friend to a massage parlor. Hehhehe bunyi KTV je sebut massage parlor. He is out getting his feet (and and maybe body) massage. Called me while he was doing fish spa and called me again to let me know his massage turn is up. Hehehhe..i bet itu perasaan guilty yang mencengkam sebab moi have to stay home with kids.

But as usual, i am very good at manuevering the kids to sleep. Azhad is pretty simple case of drugging him to sleep. Best drug ever!! hehhehe..susu gantung moi is the best drug to put him to sleep.

Alesha ..well..i dont think she would be sleeping yet but for the little trick i used. heheh bad mama. Its the cat behind you trick!!Simply tunjuk n cakap Sha cat kat belakang.. she was jumping with fright and terselit celah ketiak sampai tertido ketakutan. Its simply ridiculopus since we are in the living room before the tv. Mana la pulak nak datanng cat.hehe. Asalkan menjadi for them to go to sleep. lantaklak.

and Alesha, in case your kids and husband asked u where/how u got your cat phobia, just know that on Saturday 28 December 2008, while u were seating cutely on the 2 chairs papa stacked up for u, di Gerai Kondo tunggu order dinner kita, a cat sneaked up behind u with u realising it only after several seconds. Itu pun after mama terperanjat beruk dengan menjerit sedikit ketakutan yang telah menambahkan ketakutan Sha