Monday, October 1, 2007

Highlight of my day

Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari aku yang memboringkan ni. Ada 3 'events' yg menceriakan hari aku.

1. Di bangunkan pagi oleh cenonet.

This is how we sleep. On a queen bed, 2 pillows each, and a bolster between us. Cenonet la ni tau peluk bolster walaupun bolster tu sangatla besar untuk dia. Aku tido memang la peluk bolster tu. So bila dia terjaga dulu, dia akan jenguk aku dari her side of the bed over the bolster. And sometimes, kalau dia ada mood, she will kiss me, or sometimes put her hands on my chin. Most of the time, she will just senyum senyum and lay her head 1" from my face and watch me sleep. Kalau dia dah fed up aku still tak bangun (actuallynyer dah bangun tapi pura2 tido la) she will just jerit Mama!! very loudly of course and climbed over the bolster to get to me.

2. Masa nak tido

I love putting cenonet to sleep. Nowadays she has a penchant for 'awawakbar' = Allahuakbar. Maknanya i have to recite some doa ke, fatihah ke dan yang seangkatan dengan nya. Thank god for this, coz she used to undergo 'barney's phase' yang membingitkan kan telinga aku. This is how she sleep..instead of sleeping on her pillow - well pillow was just there to prevent her banging her head on kepala katil, she was 'trained' to sleep without pillow since birth - she will put her head on the bolster. and most of the time she will grab my hand and place it on her tummy. But what i love most is when caress my arm up and down and play with my bulu roma. And when the mood strike, she will climb the bolster, sleep tummy down on the bolster with my hand hugging her. Sementara nak tido tu, macam macam la perangai dia, one of which, she will ask me to lift the pillow up, and she will go hide her face under the pillow and cakap.."maaa sha lang, aik"= "mama sha dah hilang, cari".

3. When she follows hubby to pick me up from work
One thing u must know, cenonet has this crazy bottom-curl hair. And by the end of the day (and early morning) the hair will cover her face. She looked cutely comot that makes u wanna kiss her and bite her at the same time. Kalau dia ikut papa pick me up from work, she will be on stand by at Papa's lap with head on the window and a big grin on her face. And when she spot me coming down from the stairs accros the road, she will shout Mama very loudly and the grin will turn into a big wide smile. There was even this one time, I heard her yelling Mama over and over even before she spot me. And hubby was telling me, the minute she saw McD near my office, she'll say mama.
Thats the highlight of my day. Every day!