Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hambik ko!!

hahhaha setahun dowh tak blogging.

I do feel the urges to write once in awhile. simply because i need to be reminded of whats happening in my life.

Baru tadi dok baca entry before before - wow anak aku macam tu ke dulu? kenapa sekarang jadik lain? oohh well kids grow up. apa lagi jawapan nye ye dak.

I am 30 weeks pregnant. yeehaaa!!it was purely planned of course. Though i wonder whether it will ever be time yang aku tetiba tak plan mengandung and ngandung plak. Ohh please GOD - tak sanggup ok!!

It is a heavy one this one. Thank God i am not fat FAT, weight is still under control, but again me is being me - yang dah sememangnya gemuk cam tong drum kan. ive gained about say 5 -6 kgs up until now. weight is about 80kgs. so go figure how fat i was pre-pregnancy. :)

A note to self : like i said, it was a purely planned one. Yes we did want to have all babies in December, but alesha is starting standard 1 come 2012, and mak yang sappy and soappy ni tak sanggup tak hantar her to school on her 1st day. Plus dia yg beriya cakap mama teman kakak 5 hari je lepas tu tak payah. Which was really impressive since she was one cry baby when she started her kindy. Nonetheless, told hubby now way im waiting another december baby in 2012, will be too old by then. so if u wanna have another one, lets get on with it.

So here i am, 7 months after, dengan perut yang rasa nak terpecah whenever there is movement. Baby #3 is somewhat different from Alesha n Azhad. I remembered Alesha's movement macam butterfly in stomach gitu. dainty blurping movement in my tummy. Azhad was more agressive with a kick and punches here and there. tapi yang ni...korang tengok tak movie Constantine yang part baby dlm perut heroin tu.Haa lebih kurang ni. im cramping a lot. and when it moves, its like the entire tummy rumbles and mengeras. Macam tak cukup space and the baby is forcing my tummy to accommodate it.

Health wise alhamdullilah baby is doing ok. we did a full scan for the 1st time. giler freak out aku because we didnt have one for the 1st two. and when i googled for it, i got to know full scan is when u know whether u gonna have like health probs baby - sumbing la, jantung probs la, spina bifida etc things like that. Laki mak cool giler sebab he couldnt be bothered pun nak tau apa purpose full scan tu, but when the radiologist (what do u call the expert yg buat ultra sound tu?) bagitau ohh tak sumbing etc, baru cam meloncat. Eh ada possibility ke anak dia sumbing? Haaaa...baru ko tau gabranya aku before scan tu.

Imagine hearing bad news and knowing its your unborn baby? tak ke cam nak tercabut nyawa?

but like i said, alhamdullilah, semua ok. Aku je la yg tak berapa sihat. Will be doing my kencing manis test next week. Darah tinggi tu on off and semanjang on the high side. Im on trundate - ke apa nama ubat darah tinggi tu. tapi aku ni mmg hampeh.tak reti nak makan ubat on daily basis. kejab makan kejab tak makan. camna nak buat tu?hmm tawakal aje lah. dah memang sendiri yg carik penyakit.

Kali ni cam freak out sikit nak beranak. I am seriously considering epi. mak kan ala ala macho beranak 2 orang drug free. Siap refure any drug kan. sekali ambik ko, sakit cam nak tercabut pankreas masa beranak azhad. so la ni cam tengah tergiang giang rasa sakit beranak tu. apakah aku mampu nak tahan kali ni. But im a believer that God will not give u something that u cannot endure. Chet - cakap aje, nanti tunggu beranak aku cerita lagi.

Lain kali cerita lagi. have tonnes of things to write. later later la wokey.