Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Its the time of the year again. Not that i cherished the moment when i opened the clear envelope. Neither did i jump with sheer joy of knowing whats inside the clear envelope. But a thought kept me smiling as i tore the envelope open.

Yes..i am those unlucky few who does not have to pay my income tax!!! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Some may say my minuscule annual salary is not a thing to brag about. Not when the toll charges, petrol prices etc etc kept increasing. Life is hard. FULLSTOP.

But i'd be sure as h*ll not be smiling if i was forced to willingly 'contribute' part (though a very small percentage of it) to the government.

NOTE TO ALL: i am a good citizen. At times, i can even be a patriot. I disclose my income, i vote and i even pay my summons - but i draw the line in actually paying for my income tax.

Mind you, i didn't fake my income disclosures. I simply escape it. (on second thought - maybe i should be asking for more raise!!)

How to escape it you asked? Bah! So many rich men (and women) i mean millions of $ in Swiss Account escaped paying tax. Dont asked me how they did it - i don't have an account in Swiss Bank.

But if u asked me HOW I escape paying tax? The answer is simple. I pay my zakat.

I guess, with a smile on my face as i wrote down the amount of income tax payable (government owe me money now - :) ) i should be grateful for being a Malaysian. Despite the ever oppressing price increased of almost all things - they pay heed to requirement to pay zakat.

See - i told you i can be a PATRIOT at times...

Hotter than Chilis

What makes a meal special?

Is it the ambiance? The company you keep? The celebration? Or the food itself? *ponder*ponder*

Had the whole above package yesterday when I went to Chilis Midvalley Megamall to "CELEBRATE" my last week in my current employment. Chillis was and is one of my favorite 'eating' place. Nothing can beats its large potion meal suited my ever so accomodating tummy. But somehow, something was amiss yesterday and i think i know what.

What makes a female a mother and a woman?

Very thin line indeed. I am having trouble maintaining my status as a woman who enjoys life and in the same time being a wonderful mama to my dearest Alesha. Its a wonder how my center of happiness lies in a smile of a 1 year old. Absurdly ridiculous.

Truthfully, last nite experience of having a time-off from family should be something that i amorously cherished. But instead, my eyes were forever plastered to my phone watch watching out for the time. I had a fake smile on and i think the only time when i was truly enjoying my time-off was when i had that first sip of lemonade. Thereafter, i had this dreadging feeling crepting out my body. I terribly missed Alesha.

It was a hard thing accepting the fact that I am no longer an independent woman. The sad thing was, i am as dependant on Alesha as she is to me. But saddest thing is, she is getting independant and i am getting more attached. I am screwed for sure!!!!!