Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I need a Make Over - part 2

Nampak tak bertapa berbezanya kaler rambut ku itu? hahhaha...i rest my case.
Pic 1 was taken when cenonet was 6 months old.
Pic 2 was about 2 months ago.
You know what i mean??
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I need a make-over

Sometime last week, hubby tetiba bersuara "Eh..rambut awak cantik la masa ni..". Dengan excitednye, i went over to him and peeked at the photo he held on his hand.

DUDE!!! It was my 1996 photo la!!!!! It was a picture of us at Sunway Lagoon with us both in shorts and of course my so called almost-platinum-cheesy-bad-cheap-oxidised shoulder length hair-do.

My hubby dari dulu memang have a taste for minah karat aka blonde. Come to think about it, i was a bit blondish when i met him and never stop dying my hair until recently. (Recently more defined lepas beranakkan Alesha la.) Was still coloring my hair when i was carrying her... and remembered that i was crazy looking for research whether coloring hair during pregnancy will harm the baby.

The first time i colored my hair was when i was 17. Back then, a bottle of oxidised will do. As i started earning money (and being single with no obligation to buy susu), i tend to spend more and more on hair. Iron perm u say? curl blow? apa lagi...semua la i have tried. And Dear Hubby was with me the entire time. Watching me go crazy with hair-do.

He particularly like it when i iron permed my hair. But then the damage was too bad (not to mentioned the maintenance costs ya!) that i just had to get it straighthen before beranakkan cenonet. (ni dok pikir camna nak pantang ngan rambut kerinting gembang n berkaler kaler - nak jumpa makcik/nenek/tok etc etc)

Once i had cenonet..of course budget pun dah lari. Lagipun rasa cam dah tak berapa selera nak melaram sangat with me wearing tudung. Oh..i started wearing tudung nisfu syaaban last year. Alhamdullilah dah setahun ek? walaupun hakikatnya at times memang la aku tak pakai tudung kekadang.

The point of writing this, i think i need to start making myself look yummy again. If not for dear hubby, for my own self esteem. Of course, this can only be done full force once lil' seed is out.

So mental note to self:
1. . Go get some new hair do - invest! invest!
2. Pack some make up and WEAR IT - im quite good at putting make up u see, but never have the patience to clean it up afterwards
3. Wear myself with style Tudung or No Tudung.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

our private bubble..

I am on my 24th weeks.

The feelings? I must say i cant wait to have the baby in my arms. The anticipation is very much new to me. Its this weird kinda feeling, very different from cenenots'.

Why? I dont know. During cenonet's time, it was more of exploring period for me. Every sensation is a new sensation..that triggers the deepest emotion within me.

But this lil' seed is different. Yes motherhood affects me the same but somehow its different. I know now what to expect..but more. Maybe during cenonet's time..aku rasa cam aku tak puas nak savour the feeling of having her in my arms.

Susah la nak cerita. Im happier now but in a more subtle and calm way as compared to the first time.

Im more excited..but i dont talk about it often, and would rather rub my tummy in one corner rather than telling the world that ' is kicking..'

This pregnancy is definitely more personal to me. Its like im not sharing it with the rest of the world. Its me and lil' seed in this bubble we create. Even hubby is not part of it.

Maybe this time, lil' seed will be mama's child insted of papa's baby like cenonet? I sure hope so...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is my country

Korang baca tak news pasal this malaysian student yg bodoh nak mampos mempelbagaikan lagu negaraku tu? I mean..ya lah..aku tau la banyak lagi news yg boleh dibaca dibandingkan news yg remeh cam ni..tapi hati aku panas betul bila baca news ni.

Mulanya aku ingat its a malay student. eii memang aku nak sumpah seranah satu keturunan dia dah. Apa punya jenis parent yg brought up kan anak melayu cam gitu.

tapi lepas aku tengok video tu, n di confirmkan oleh media massa, its a chinese boy. So before aku go on rampage pasal isu ini, i need to caution sapa sapa on sensitivity of this post. Rasa rasa you are a chinese or of some other race or have this whole malaysian concept in mind including malay, chinese etc etc, get out of here please.

Ok..back to my rampage, i have always have a certain dislike for other races. I am a self professed racist. yes it sounded harsh and living in a so called new age world, i should be stoned to death for admitting such thing.

Tapinya kan, aku memang menyampah dengan sikap bangsa bangsa lain yang tak sedar diuntung. This new is exactly contoh yg membuatkan aku menyampah. Dahla tak reti cakap melayu dengan betul, dengan mak bapak dia pun tak reti cakap melayu, ada hati pulak tu nak mintak public apology through MCA. CIT!!!!

Cuba soh mak bapak dia recite rukun negara sat...eiiii aku potong jari dia tak tau apa benda tu rukun negara.

Orang-orang macam ni la menjatuhkan negara. semangat cintakan negara tu tak de langsung. I mean...jangan sebut la pasal sayangkan negara in the sense of jangan buang sampah merata-rata, cintailah sungai kita etc etc..benda yg simple cam lagu negaraku tu pun dia buleh buat main.

Orang orang cina kat malaysia ni memang tak sedar diuntung. Ni la contoh yg paling terdekat. They think just because they are economically strong, dia orang boleh buat apa yg diaorang suka without having respect to the country, bangsa dan negara.

Korang tengok tak berita masa tokey MCA tu baca public apology..naive la...tidak berniat la..etc etc..EIII cina bangsat..umor ko tu dah berapa yang ko nak cakap diri ko naive..tak berniat la..

Aku memang hangin satu badan pasal benda ni. Kalau boleh nak tulis surat mencarut kat family dia. tengok muka bapak dia pun aku menyampah. Sama bangsat la semua keturunan ngan bangsa-bangsa korang tu. Eiii memang aku tak leh terima la cina celaka macam ni.

Yang mengeramkan aku tu..menteri menteri bedebah kat malaysia ni pun tak de la pulak nak komen banyak banyak pasal hal ni. Tapi kalau part si pelakon tu tersalah cakap pasal english language tu, pandai lak korang melenting lenting nak carik publisiti murahan. Bila benda ni jadik, korang diam kan aje. Ni satu melayu bongok!!

Tadi aku baru dapat keratan berita pasal Pak Lah on freedom of religion. Eiii...tak leh cakap banyak la aku ni..kang kena SB pulak blog aku yang ini.

The point is, aku layman ni sangatlah tak setuju dengan kebangsatan bangsa-bangsa yg tak sedar diuntung ni. Dah la menumpang negara orang...opressed bangsa lain...memang wajar la ko ni diracistkan...