Friday, October 31, 2008

mek twain..Thank You!!!

I slept at 4 a.m. this morning and woke up at 7.00a.m. This is the reason why:

Mek Twain...THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! the design ni lain sket dari design u. ni ala ala tudung dubai but with awning.

eh...kalau i buat bisness, mek tak marah kan? Sapa nak beli???????? ahahhahaha


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Duit Duit di Mana Kau Duit

i was watching Oprah at 8pm and was struck at how similar i am to the 1st couple on air. NOt 3 cars or big house like that..but at how crazy similar i am to her shopping addiction. yes sir!! i am a shoppaholic. But im not THAT crazy to buy and sell all my clothes just so i can buy more.

nonetheless, the point in writing this is just another reminder to me that i could end up like her due to my spending habits.

Truthfully, i think my financial situation is bad. I should be having more money saved and some health insurance for the kids (like what the what-so-great-and-mighty Suze Ormon said). But in my situation, the medical for the family is paid by the company. I am not thinking far ahead of having to actually pay for my kids medical. What do you think? Should i start thinking of some health insurance or education insurance or just continue saving rm100 for each kid like what im doing now. Any idea?

On spending on cards..well..this is truly our problems as a family. Apart from having to use the cards for petrol, i have urges (very similar to that of choc-craving during period) to shop. Hence..the use of cards.

Apart from that, there are (yes.. ARE) also personal loans i have 'accumulated' over the years for some cash emergencies required.

in total i have about RM40K on me. Alarming? Yes. SO the best way out is to have more loan. NI kira kes gali lubang tutup lubang la ni.

I have applied for a personal loan to settle all my cards, my 1 car, my 2 personal loans and to purchase a 2nd house. The loan will also settle husband's 2 personal loans and maybe reduce some of his card. By paying all these with that specific personal loan, i still have to pay for a monthly instalment of my current house, astro, phones, and utilities. In a total, i reduces about Rm1K of the total payments i have to made pre-personal loan.

But i have conflicting advice on this. 1 friend told me these;

1. should have apply for a different housing loan for my 2nd house;

2. should continue with current car loan reason 1. i have only until dec 09 for the tenure. reason no. 2 the rate of car loan is lower than personal loan. (all a matter of calculation, which causes me headache to understand let alone writing it down)

3. the extra from personal loan (if i opted for no. 1 and no. 2) should be put to 1/2 saving and 1/2 unit trust since the units are selling very cheap now.

But my justification of sticking to my plan, is for me to not worry about paying this and that. in a long run (talking interest rate and tenure and all) i may be at losing end, but at least until the next 5 years, i would be in a safe zone, with extra for saving and alesha's school - i hope.

I am also thinking of refinancing my house to Islamic loan. Part because of the increasing rate of conventional banking and part because im pissed at the Officer who slammed the phone on me the other day. Well, it was entirely another story but i am determine to write to the Bank and stating this as part of my reason for changing financier.

Any of you good at restructuring your finances? Care to advice me? And the medical insurance? Should i be thinking about it?

Saturday, October 25, 2008


It 12 a.m now. I am here in front of the tv with lappy before me. Azhad is sleeping on the mat at the floor with occasional coughings. The cik abang sayang is outside having drinks with friends. yeah yeah a very sporting wife i am. And guess who beside me paying attention to what on tv. Yes. cik Alesha Razan is sporting an interest at the moves Charlize Theron is making.

now..she just asked me..kakak yang kulit dia hitam tu mana? dah mati ke?

hehehhehe...about 10 minutes ago she was gasping (with hands cupping her mounth - i must tell you!!) when the PELULU was firing at AeonFlux. Yup. Pelulu!! That was approximately the time when i feel i must write thsi down. hehhehe..well..she is asking for shu right back..or not. we'll see.

UPDATE: Hahaha tak sempat den nak bangun buat susu, minah ni dah lalok terkulai atas sofa. hehehe. Aku pun nak tido dah ni. esok is an early day for us, nak bertolak pi Penang ke Kedah ke (im bad at geo ok!!) menghantar my lil bro meminang. isk isk dah besar dah adek aku tu.

Cya guys..and happy holiday!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

entry untu faRizza

entry untuk farizza

aku boleh kot tulis kat komen ko tu za, tapi cam dah banyak sangat la.

apa yg diaorang tu tulis semua tu betullah. tapi a simple but worth remembering advice from me is pick a good solicitor to handle you file. Ive seen money wasted down the drain for simply stupid mistakes done by the lawyers handling the file.

Tak leh nak tulis bebanyak, nanti ada lak kenkawan makan jantung ngan aku laks.

azhad yang lemau

AZHAD is having a fever and a very bad case of flu and cough. He is sleeping beside me now, i can hear his snoring rather badly and i can quite see the mucus hanging from his nose (he is on his side btw). His temp is 38.3.

I havent given him any medication. The date on the flu/feve/cough bottles in the fridge goes as far back as in August 2008. Not sure whether the time of the medicine will have any affect on its effect (or effect on affect ??!!). Im too kesian at him to wake him up for me to administer the medicine on him, simply because when he is awake, he will be crying - and you know how bad flu and cough can do to you when you cry - and when he cries, he will need his susu - and i tak sampai hati hearing his breathing and seeing him gasping for air (as he is breathing through his mouth) when he is susuing. So i have prepare itu ubat bontot. so maybe hubby will administer come 1 or 2 am.

mmm if baru i ni baru 1 st baby. I seems to forget how to care for a sick child. Come to think of it, i (think) am an expert at this as Alesha was forever sick during her 1st year. Every month we'll be off to clinic for this or that penyakit. Not to mention sleepless nites menjeram her and calming her crying crazines in the middle of the nites.

Maybe because after 10 months, now would be the really really 1st time Azhad is sick. Hence im getting to get used to it. Or maybe muka Azhad yg sememek itu makes my heart go goey tak sampai hati nak force medicate him like when i used to do with Alesha.


ohh in case why any of you wondering why this is typed at 1 a.m. i am pleased (maybe not so once i start paying them bill la) to announce i have opted for unlimited data packet deal from my hp line. So no mr. max or ms. com broadband for me. pakai aje la kenkonon hp 3G hamba ni to access internet for rm99 permonth.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tag tak diundang

Si yan telah membuat tag ini. ahhahaha..walaupun nama aku tarak dalam list invite dia, aku syok sendiri nak buat (walaupun sebelum ni siap declare tak reti nak buat tag). So here is my 'tag' perasan:

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday:
32. Tapi i feel very much like 25 except with 2 extra attachment of temper tantrum kids and 12 kgs heavier..isk isk.

2. Place you want to travel to:
only if the family is by my side ..mcD tepi jalan pun ok. kuangkuangkuang..kenkonon ibu mithali la. But going to Korea would be nice kan (think korean drama yg citer dayang masak-masak tu)

3. Your favorite place:
Tempat sejuk + dingin.(JUGAK!! yang marah ya kak yan)

4. Your favorite food:
Makanan yg sedap.(JUGAK!! tapi aku suka ketam nipah la aku rasa)

5. Your favorite pet:
tak de. AKu bukan animal friendly.

6. Favorite color combination:
red and black and shades of red

7. Favorite piece of clothing:
Sun dress (tapi takleh pakai-camna lak aku nak bf).

8. Your all time favorite song:
Ni aku suka lagu Kump. Febians Untukmu Sayang dengan lagu kumpulan Fatamorgana antara realiti & fantasi.. HIDUP ROCK KAPAK!!

9. Favorite TV show:Criminal Minds kot (tapi i can live without watching them)

10. First name of your significant other/crush:Significant other? Mohd (JUGAK!! Dahnya orang melayu. Standard la nama tu kan)

tapi kalau Crush? hmm.. aku memang ada mega turn on ngan hugh jackson in X-Men, yg berlakon citer gladiator tu sapa? tapi pokoknya aku memang babas syiok kat lelaki yg ala ala hunky begitu.

11. Which town do you live in: Kuala Lumpur - Mukim Batu

12. Your screen name/nickname:pinkylollytoe - dah dekat 10 tahun aku pakai nick ni. jgn taya how i got it, aku pun dah lupa

13. Your first job:hehehhe..kenkonon cecita nak jadik penguam. dapat la kot sekejab

14. Your dream job:

15. One bad habit that you have:Procrastinator (JUGAK) but the list is endless

16. Worst fear:trapped in small dark space -clautraphobic ke ape ke namenya ni.

17: Things you'd like to do before you die:Mengucap and dalam sedar (as opposed mati masa koma)

18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000: maybe another house for investment. (Pastu aku mampos kena kejar ngan LHDN sebab beli umah cash). tapi seboleh mungkin aku nak aku laki bini idup debt free

19. Your husband/wife:cik ajib sayang (uwaaa kenkawan laki aku mesti jelek baca ni)

Aku tak tag sesapa sebab aku buat ni pun coz aku syok sendiri. haha

Thursday, October 9, 2008

another blabbering post

Just random silly-absolutely-ridiculous things i want (mimpi nak tapi sendiri tau takkan nye aku gi beli) :-

1. spek mata - mata lalat. The bigger the better. Perasan angie jolie.

ala-ala gini........

2. high waisted skirt - perasan tyra banks. (maybe aku patut tulis i want body yg sesuai untuk pakai high waisted skirt kot)

maybe yang ini untuk pi jenjalan...

3. peep toe stillettos

yang cenggini.... yg ni aku ada la ala-ala ini dalam 2 pasang tapi serious aku ni mmg addict nak bagi blakang aku sakit.

atau yang ini....

4. charm bracelet - i have figure out what charms i want to add. heheh giler psycho case.

ala-ala gini la aku nak beli. Emas putih lagi...

hahahaha..cukup tak post mengarut aku ni...


Seriously tak de mood nak blog.

I have like thousands things to say when i am anywhere near the internet, tapi when i switch on, langsung nada. Takde idea. So i ended up blog hopping.

I have come accross several single mom bloggers. all were force into the situation when the spouses fell ill and later passed on. Reading their thoughts sometimes makes me re-evaluate my situation.

Like any other couples, we have our ups and downs, yes? But at times, i think i am tested to my limit. I at times asked my self, how 'deep' the downs that i can handle? when would it be my last 'down'? I dare not answer the question and i dare not think of it further.

But whatever 'downs' there be, i am pretty certain it will not be as bad as having to lost your spouse forever. Maybe time heals all wounds, but it will surely leave a dent in your heart, and a gaping holes in your children. That i know as the case of the demise of my mom.

As coward as i am to think of my own possibilities, i know for a certain the kids wont be able to stand life without their dad. Not a chance. He is very much a part of them as i hope i am the other part.

Why am i writing all these craps? Blame it on the lack of blogging-motivator. Where la my muse ni?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

kesabaran ya puan-puan

tag mende.

sesungguhnya aku tak brape reti nk paste la letak pic. reti sesikit je, tapi sbb tangan aku tgh guna megepam , maka nya aku tk brapa ada kesabaran nk godek-godek mengepaste pic.

so to fid n ms lola ..buleh tak anggap aku dah buat tag korang tu walau sbnarnya aku tak buat. hehehe buleh gitu?

Monday, October 6, 2008

jalur lebar oh jalur lebar?


maxis broadband ke?

or celcom broadband?

any idea?