Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deyyy!! Padayappa!!!

Korang suka tengok tamil movies tak? Im talking about tamil movies with significantly fairer hero and heroin (where the rest of the cast were ehem very 'tan') and the background setting is of paddy field and cows where you can visibly see cow manures (and sometimes the casts are actually dancing on ground filled with them) NOT hindustani movies ok!!

Well..i must confess..I am an addict to Tamil Movies. Know some of them and even have a list of my fav actors/actresses. Some i know by name, and some i just know by face. Surya is good actor, Ajith too and who could denied Sivaji's greatness? Those who did now know who Sivaji is..its Rajnikanth la...also my favorite Mr. Padayappa. Watched that movie like 100 times and still fascinated with how he flipped his selempang over his shoulder.

You know la deepavali kan. Surely our one and only paid tv station tu airkan lotsa movies. So..last sunday, when hubby was not home, alesha was sleeping, i got to spend time in front of tv. Naik majal kepala aku dengar tamil dialogues dari pukul 12 sampai pukul 7 ptg.

Tapi aku sampai ke hari ni, sangatla kagum dengan jalan cerita kisah-kisah tamil movies ni. The movie i watched at 12 tu, basically pasal how this hero went against the system and bunuh semua gomen officer yg makan rasuah etc etc. Despite the cliche hero tu tak cedera sikit pun lepas lawan dekat 20 orang yang senjata parang (dia bare hand aje wokeh!!) yang meng impress kan aku ialah the fact that love story citer tu ada la dekat in total 15 min. je. Hebatkan? citer drama melayu kita pun tak gitu.

The point is, aku nak cakap tak kira betapa clichenye separuh citer tu, but if you do it right, tanpa elemen cinta pun, u can attract people to watch.

N.B: post ni aku korek dari draf lelama. Was written long time ago some time during deepavali.