Thursday, July 24, 2008

I heart Friday


Duh! Who wouldnt right? Particularly since it would be the last day of the week and you would be having 2 days of completely non-working-salary-paid work (as opposed to 'working' as a mom!! which is 10x tiring i must say!!!). And of course, added bonus for me is the thought of NOT HAVING to pump - sorry u guys...aku dah nak termuntah mengepam di opis, tapi sebab budak genius tu, aku dayakan jugak -. So in a nutshell...i am in great anticipation of Fridays.

BUT lately, there is another good reason why i heart friday. hahaha...very genius and very entertaining activity indeed. I go movie watching during friday lunch time!! HAHA!! BEst kan..

Comeon tell me...where in the world can u find a mom with 2 kids - no helper - who has the opportunity to catch up with the latest movie in the market - not counting those who beli pirated la of course. I am talking about caramel-crunchy-popcorn-ear-shattering-soundsystem-cold and sometimes teeth clattering aircondition-and big screen in a dimmed ligthing noise muffled/padded area of CINEMA!!! And to top it off, no screaming toddler to watch over and no baby who is practically hanging to your chest while watching the movie!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago it was HANCOCK, last week it was Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I wonder what will be the 'CINEMA MENU' for this Friday? Hell Boy? Wanted? Hmmm