Thursday, March 29, 2007


I had a big fight with dear hubby this morning. pissed!!!

It begun last nite when he wanted me to help him with some printing thingy. Sure do...very please to help on 3 conditions...1. u start up the pc with the cable on.. 2. take care of Alesha (instead of glueing your eyes to Channel 81) 3. and make me a nice cup of Ice Milo - mind you..dear Hubby's drinks are to die for.

Anyway...Alesha was rather tired last nite and when to sleep early..Of course with moi clever manuvering technics - a bottle of milk and lights off will do the trick - Dear Hubby was still glued to the tv at this point.
So i said...
"im gonna bathe and pc must be ready by the time im done" - which was not coz it didn't matter coz he quickly ran to our pc room when he saw me out of the bathroom.

So there I front of the tv, all freshen up and dead tired waiting for him to call me that i can start some printing work for me. The next thing i know, i was sleeping on the couch and he was doing some typing. Its already 11.00 p.m. now.

So i told him with a very dear smile on my face that i was sleepy and it is ok if i help him tomorrow.

And guess what?

He blew his top off and refused help of any kind. He said i never wanted to help him in the first place and i was forever finding excuses..


Somehow in the middle of all that..he seems to forgot that i got back from work at 7.30 at nite, been too tired to do anything, spend all my salaries on our family and in the same time trying to be a good wife..mother and his secretary without getting any appreciation and a single cent out of it!!!!


I dont deserve all this, not when im supporting the family, not when i try so hard to be strong for him when everything is against him. ITs not fair when u expect me to do anything while u spend your time at home doing nothing.

I thought everything was ok this morning. But to my suprise, apparently he has been carrying torch up his arse...which pisses me off even more...


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tag Game

I've been tagged. Deareast valli had finally 'tagged' me. Was browsing thru several sites and notices this 'tagged' thing going. Pretty sure i'll be next, just wondering who will finally 'tagged' me. So dear goes:

6 weird things about moi:-

1. i dont share pillows. If i need to share (cases like hotel etc etc), will cover the pillow with my very own kain batek. (i made exception to several occasions - depending on my mood that time)

2. i am penakut like the biggest chicken around - Refer Penakut to takut hantu only!! Haha..never seen one my entire life. Thank God for that!!! This would also include banning scary movies, sleeping alone in hotel and even being home alone (eventhough Alesha is around - she doesnt count as a human adult yet - mind you). Watched this scary movie once (thru blanket of fingers - and forced to watch it since was at in law house) - about ghost coming out from the air vent - caused me to be 'accompanied' everytime i when pee pee at the office. (office's toilet has air vent!!)

3. i am a perfectionist - my way. I blame it on my horoscope. I am a VIRGO(rian?).

4. i have short attention span - Dont give me MCQ - i will close my eyes and tick as i pleased. (Actually did this during PTD Examination - u know why im in private sector instead)

5. i can be excruciatingly honest about my opinion to my dearest friends - some appreciate it and some may hate me for it.

6. i dont plan to marry - but did it anyway and now madly in love my kids (cross refer my previous post) and waiting to have more.

Rules: People who were tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them and state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

Sorry dear valli..all friends i knew had been tagged. Had to end the tagging game here now.

Monday, March 12, 2007


I have settled down at my new job.

Its a thrilling adventure trying to absorp the working atmosphere i have here. I always think i am easily adjusted to new environment. and yes, i think i am sailing well here.

But a thought bothered me so often the past 2 weeks since i was here.
Do i like this jet set life..or do i want to be a full time mom..

Bore bore bore....I was once read comments by some of well known party goers (bah..holywood stars!!) such as madonna and not to mention recently bald dearest Ms. Spears.


doink!! back then the only thing that crossed my mind was - DUH!!!of have a human head coming thru your know what. Surely THAT will changed you (back then it didnt crossed my mind of C-SECT!!)

But true to changes me. It changed my perspective in life. I am torn between staying at the office until late at nites and later feeling so guilty having seen dear Alesha smiling ever so sweetly greeting me back home. Well..some might say 8.30 at nite is not THAT late. But please bear in mind...we had a taste of our routine evening walks...Good things in life are hard to miss.

I wonder if I will be as attached as I am now to my baby if I have more * ponder* *ponder*

Note to all: moi is trying to conceive now. BIG THREE O is catching up with me this September.