Thursday, August 21, 2008

Medela oh Medela FOR SALE

Ive got a confession to make.

During one of my rampant buying spree, i have 'accidently' purchased a Medela-E Plus. Accident read saja saja masuk kedai tak bawak duit tapi bawak credit card and dah terbeli the pum.

Masalahnya, i think the pump is not working for me. I mean..its good but i am not so fortunate enough to be blessed with more than 2 'opened' milk duct. get what i mean ke? Maknanya whenever aku pum, 1 2 lubang aje la yg kuar susu.

Dari aku sakit hati memandang pump itu, i have decide to let it go for RM600 only. I know its a bit on the high side, but FYI ive only used it for 3 times. BTW, i bought it last MOnday. The offer is open for 2 weeks, in which time, i will not be using the pump.

I'm selling the complete set together with the box.

So, there goes..i hope there is a buyer out there.

Tangisan Bulan Madu

Korang baca/tengok tak cerita ni?

I caught glimpses of the series now and then. Caught (as in stop at rtm2 when channel browsing and somehow ended up watching the series) the time when Bogart was saying things about not touching Mira..Fast forward..i caught the the series when Razlan was in the picture (i put two and two together and pretty much guessed Bogart dah kiok). Bad Razlan and then later 'mellowed' Razlan. Can only figure out he was so hostile to Mira coz Mira doesnt want to accept him. (Ye ke?)

and last nite, i caught it the series by accident again. This time it was Norman Hakim as Dr. What(?) and Mira married to him (as second wife?) with kid and a madu(?)

Aisay..complicatednyer cerite ni. Can somebody summarised it all for me so i know what is the ending??? Pleaseeeee