Thursday, October 9, 2008

another blabbering post

Just random silly-absolutely-ridiculous things i want (mimpi nak tapi sendiri tau takkan nye aku gi beli) :-

1. spek mata - mata lalat. The bigger the better. Perasan angie jolie.

ala-ala gini........

2. high waisted skirt - perasan tyra banks. (maybe aku patut tulis i want body yg sesuai untuk pakai high waisted skirt kot)

maybe yang ini untuk pi jenjalan...

3. peep toe stillettos

yang cenggini.... yg ni aku ada la ala-ala ini dalam 2 pasang tapi serious aku ni mmg addict nak bagi blakang aku sakit.

atau yang ini....

4. charm bracelet - i have figure out what charms i want to add. heheh giler psycho case.

ala-ala gini la aku nak beli. Emas putih lagi...

hahahaha..cukup tak post mengarut aku ni...


Seriously tak de mood nak blog.

I have like thousands things to say when i am anywhere near the internet, tapi when i switch on, langsung nada. Takde idea. So i ended up blog hopping.

I have come accross several single mom bloggers. all were force into the situation when the spouses fell ill and later passed on. Reading their thoughts sometimes makes me re-evaluate my situation.

Like any other couples, we have our ups and downs, yes? But at times, i think i am tested to my limit. I at times asked my self, how 'deep' the downs that i can handle? when would it be my last 'down'? I dare not answer the question and i dare not think of it further.

But whatever 'downs' there be, i am pretty certain it will not be as bad as having to lost your spouse forever. Maybe time heals all wounds, but it will surely leave a dent in your heart, and a gaping holes in your children. That i know as the case of the demise of my mom.

As coward as i am to think of my own possibilities, i know for a certain the kids wont be able to stand life without their dad. Not a chance. He is very much a part of them as i hope i am the other part.

Why am i writing all these craps? Blame it on the lack of blogging-motivator. Where la my muse ni?