Friday, October 23, 2009

Saya mahu CUCi

I was only back home yesterday at 2.00 AM for this...........





.............. and it was REALLY REALLY GOOD!!

Serious people..i dont get paid for writing this up..lagipun apa la sangat my traffic kan. bukan besar na for them to actually nak mempergunakan aku as promo board, but was a pleasantly suprisingly GOOD.

The props were impressived (to my eyes yg tak pernah tgk PGL - which i heard was even giler hebat) the casts were just lovable, the dancers and choreography were entertaining enough and the songs....ohhh i really think it could sells you a single or compilation.

Ok bit by bit pulak yea..may be a SPOILER for you be warned..rasa tak mo baca please stop here.

The simple story line goes as the cuci the movie..but for different and BETTER casting for:
CJ -then Erra now Vanida (i think she did it better anyway!!) ,
makcikover inject botox si Ummi Aida - now Adibah Noor (WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER adibah noor la for sure kan!!!!),
khir rahman ganti ngan that harith iskandar (i think its a so-so la..khir is a good actor too) and..
the dad : dato rahim razali - ramli hassan (who is just oozing with sexiness ok!!!!! - ini lagi sexy dari Capt. Jean Luc Piccard i tell ya!!!!!!!

for a musical, it was really really entertaining - sound wise. I suara pecah, no sound system problem - semua nya best. Maybe because majority of the cast memang boleh nyanyi but for Abang Kacak Hans kita. I think because semua orang tahu his strong point (definitely his chest) not his voice, so diaorang dah downplay kan all his sing-sing acts. All were given opportunity for solo acts, but for si hans. tapi he still pulled it off sebab ala-ala romance scene ngan vanida, so lagu pun ala ala bisik bisik gitew and no high tone.

vanida's voice was good too. gemersik. I think it wasnt really her voice - eh bukan dia pakai stand in, i think the sounds system yg bikin soara dia dengar cam lunak. high-five to Istana Budaya for that. I was talking to IB's staff, and he told me the lil.mic costs rm30K per piece. not to mention other benda sound proof bagaikan dalam dewan tu.

Aflin..well what can i say about him..despite his memboyot - aku rasa cam nak burst ok!!1 dia tak semput fact, his voice was as a good as adibah noor - male version. very deep and strong. wayyy mature than his time time ikhlas tapi jauh. macam jazzy pun ada suara dia tu. rasanya with the right songs, boleh jual album mamat ni.

Cik AC is being himself la. the same dance - the CMP U'ALL trademark. tapi still very entertaining. and u couldnt deny his baritone voice tu memang lunak.

oohh and cik Adibah..i think at some point of the play, when she was singing, rasa cam nak bangun menari skali ok!! IT WAS AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! well amazing tu cam tak berapa betul la sebab apa nak amazingnya. dah memang dia tu wellknown for her vocal, tapi it is almost magical la bila dia nyanyi and when she tarik a note, you terus seram sejuk i tell ya!!

BUT THE BEST BEST BEST BEST ACTOR in the entire play if u must ask me..and PLEASE PLEASE JANGAN PITAM OK ..i must say , and i think majority of the audience yesterday would agree..goes to ............ABANG AWIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! OMG..everything EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM in the play was just right with a dose of OMMPHH!! suara awie jangan cakap la..memang la dah sah sah hebat, and he play the role without being over tau..which really just make him more in the lime light gitew. Whilst AC was bust being the loud kelakar one, aflin was too serious and cik Hans too handsome la kan..awie was always the one on far left or right minding his own business and sometimes doing things just so your eyes would drifted back at him. i dont know whether its intentional or just scripted but he certainly deserved the standing ovation (not to mention teenage-shrieking screams of ABANG AWIEEEE) we were giving him yesterday.

So there peeps..a lil about Cuci the Musical. Grab a ticket if u have the time (and budget) coz i can guarantee u its a hell of screaming and smiling and laughing nite you would be smiling in the morning about - play.

ciao peeps and happy weekend