Friday, October 19, 2007


semoga bergembira di hari raya!!

yeah yeah yeah..i know the well wishes came too late. But what the heck, raya kan sebulan. Plus i was swamped with works few days before raya tu, tak sempat la esey nak memblog.

(p/s : pic raya ngan pak & step mom aku - baru teringat pic family sendiri tak sempat nak snap)

I have visited few blogs today. and of course, semua kisah raya and pictures raya la kan. But can i NOT talk about raya but something else today? Of course la cannot kan.. So here goes my raya story and carca marba story all in one.

This year raya was an exceptionally tiring experience. First the house cleaning. This was not the 1st raya we had at our own house. But the 1st RAYA si cenonet tu ada kaki and dah berakal. Last year, she wasnt even 1 yo and was down with fever. So melepek la the entire day and the ever the clever moi had devised a plan dengan membagi ubat demam to her that very early raya morning. So last raya we were saved with raya prep hassle with her being sick. Hantu jahanam punya mak! buleh tak seronok anak sakit waktu raya!!

BUT THIS RAYA..after series of demam etc etc in September (read my previous blog- dont know la how to link) She was super healthy and very demanding. Demanding read: mainan kena ada depan mata tak leh kemas..sticker favourite kena stick kat tv..tak leh cabut..

We planned to get helper to come and clean the house. Tapi cam nak berjimat sket kan, so hubby telah mengoffer kan dirinya untuk mengemas. (read previous blog > laki aku ni kan Mat Pengemas rumah). I truly honestly believe he is capable of doing all the kemas mengemas. Tapi cam kesian lak kat dia kan coz he had to do all the things by himself. Moi awal awal dah exclusion clause saya tak larattttt...

So that friday a day before raya, he was off membasuh tingkap, fans, dapur etc etc. Pagi pagi lagi lepas sahur, apparently he had hiden all cenonet's toys and books. Aku sah sah la tak sedar sebab lepas makan straight tido..hahaha..benda ni kena buat waktu si kecik tu takde, kalau tak, nanti dia memekak aje tak bagi kitaorang kemas barang dia.

So..1 task down tapi cenonet dah cam selenge sebab takde toys nak main. So the entire day tu, asyik acting up while hubby sibuk mengemas rumah and aku yg tak larat nak buat semua benda ni.. sampaikan kena lepuk cubit siap dengan aku. kejam kejam.

The finale of the day was, when dear hubby was mopping the floor, cenonet was so eager to save her mickey mouse, she fell flat face on the floor (she was ordered to seat on the sofa) and pecah both her upper and lower lips. Nasib baik tak pecah gigi you!!

By the time hubby finished polishing the house, it was already 6.45 p.m. Rushed to my inlaw for iftar (hehehe inlaw tinggal 5 minutes away je) and then rushed to my Ayah's house to spend a nite there.

Raya morning, luckily not much hassle. Cuma aku aje la sakit badan sebab spend the nite atas couch. Kat umah pak aku we slept in the living room. Dengan badan yang maha berat ni, jangan mimpi la i could get a decent sleep on the toto aje kan. Come to think about it..hell..i havent been getting a decent nite sleep since i turned 28 wks!!

Now..lets talk about raya. You guys know how big a family i married into. Hubby ada 12 siblings la!!! That alone was exclusive of the neighbouring aunties and their own families.

By 11.00 a.m. we were already at my inlaw's place - AGAIN. hahaha. Eh lupa lak nak mention, Aku n hubby orang KL daaa...My ayah is in keramat and my inlaw (as in pak cik mak cik nenek adik beradik etc) kat segambut. So you go figure la how i spend my traffic-jam-free raya.

To cut the long story short, raya ni aku rasa cam aku ni batu belah batu bertangkup. I will 'park' myself at one corner or sofa (since i could not possible sit on the floor at my current condition) and stay there until its time to go to another house. Makan minum akan diambilkan oleh ever the baik hati laki ku itu (please minus mukanye yg mencuka) or anak anak buah hubby yang sangat ramai itu. Isk isk isk..pathetic tahap gaban kan.

But what can i do?? This pregnancy is definitely killing me. I cannot walk because the pressure is too much on my pelvic and tummy. Its as if my tummy could drop down any second if i stand on my feet too long. lets not mentioned these very close to pain-sensation im feeling on my opening and more that braxton hicks (i know its braxton hicks but its so unbearable ok!!) that seems to 'attack' me 24-7. Sheesh..memang la haku tak larat.

Good thing is, im close to broke (monetary wise - though i dont know how THAT could be a good thing), so it means no shopping for babies stuff, and no walking for me...HUrray!! And on that note...i still have not bought any baju for lil' seed due to the uncertainty of one very important aspect - DUH!!! its gender!!! but no worries on that, hubby can always shop for rompers and jumpers when he (im still crossing my fingers) is out.

On another note (sadder this time) i lost a dear uncle on the 5th of Raya. The facts of his death is still a bit unclear. Whether its heart attack or his asthma. And the saddest thing was (or should i say good thing?) , we just visited him on 2nd day of Raya and he was looking dandy and happy. Hmm..dah namanya ajal maut di tangan tuhan. At least, the family gets to spend 1st Raya with him kan?

On a similar note, thanks to those yg comments on my previous posts. Thank you for the doa' and well wishes. Im trying my damn best when writing that post to sound jolly - but the fact is, i am just a human being and so as you guys. Be nice to your mom no matter how difficult they can be (dont we all know this!! and im referring to my Ayah when im saying this). Live without regrets!!

p/s : will try to post pictures later. Cam ngok je entry panjang2 takde pic