Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank you

First of all..thank you friends...

kenapa thank you?? I dont know whether im giving vibes away..or GOD in his mysterious way is helping me see light..but when i am thinking of something..either all or some of the blogs ive frequented will write about it.

For e.g. this potty train thingy. I was considering it for some time. Then i read about it @ fid. So..taking the lead from her..i pursued Alesha's potty training. And believe it or not..she is now diaperless day & nite (except when she wants to poo but that doesnt count coz she actually said she wants to poo and go cry like crazy - aku pun pelik kenapa dalam nak membuang tu pun dia buleh nangis cam nak kuar bijik mata - for a diaper). Now gloating about potty-training Alesha, i read about it at nunumom's blog. She is now potty-training her daugther. Also kak yan and her *Alis. Welcome to the club i must say.

another thing is about kindy. I was seriously considering kindy for Alesha. In fact, last monday, i took leave of work simply to try out some kindies. I did not get to ask questions to the owners. In fact, i really dont know what to ask. And today, i get the long what to ask list from fid (*Again*). I sure dont remember asking her what should i do etc etc in sourcing for the right kindy for alesha. But then, there she is..writing about it for me to view.

and then there was this thing about kenduri kendara. Fid wrote about this, and one new blog i frequented also writes about it. I recently experience kenduri (where you masak sendiri berkampung ramai-ramai etc etc kind of kenduri). again, i get to see the FUN side of kenduri (i think GOD wants me to be thankful that i have to get to experience the joyful berkampung feeling) as opposed to keep on complaining how penat memotong bawang, menyiang daging dan sebagainya.

So u get me where im coming from...God is certainly showing me light. Not a big neon bright light staring me right at my face..but more subtle light and require me to spend a bit of time destressing from work by bloghopping. I get to be more sensitive, more courageous and more motivated to achive my goals.

hmmm and now who says blog hopping is no good? ahaks!!