Thursday, March 29, 2007


I had a big fight with dear hubby this morning. pissed!!!

It begun last nite when he wanted me to help him with some printing thingy. Sure do...very please to help on 3 conditions...1. u start up the pc with the cable on.. 2. take care of Alesha (instead of glueing your eyes to Channel 81) 3. and make me a nice cup of Ice Milo - mind you..dear Hubby's drinks are to die for.

Anyway...Alesha was rather tired last nite and when to sleep early..Of course with moi clever manuvering technics - a bottle of milk and lights off will do the trick - Dear Hubby was still glued to the tv at this point.
So i said...
"im gonna bathe and pc must be ready by the time im done" - which was not coz it didn't matter coz he quickly ran to our pc room when he saw me out of the bathroom.

So there I front of the tv, all freshen up and dead tired waiting for him to call me that i can start some printing work for me. The next thing i know, i was sleeping on the couch and he was doing some typing. Its already 11.00 p.m. now.

So i told him with a very dear smile on my face that i was sleepy and it is ok if i help him tomorrow.

And guess what?

He blew his top off and refused help of any kind. He said i never wanted to help him in the first place and i was forever finding excuses..


Somehow in the middle of all that..he seems to forgot that i got back from work at 7.30 at nite, been too tired to do anything, spend all my salaries on our family and in the same time trying to be a good wife..mother and his secretary without getting any appreciation and a single cent out of it!!!!


I dont deserve all this, not when im supporting the family, not when i try so hard to be strong for him when everything is against him. ITs not fair when u expect me to do anything while u spend your time at home doing nothing.

I thought everything was ok this morning. But to my suprise, apparently he has been carrying torch up his arse...which pisses me off even more...