Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the story on azhad

i think im at the stage where blogging doesnt excites me anymore - ape ke bengong blogging boleh gumbirakan aku???

anyways..azhad dah wean off since last sat. still cranky crazy especially time nak nite feed. first nite aku rasa the entire flat can hear him meraung nak susu. Giler kesian aku tengok. Not for the lack of trying to re-bf him, but dia dah freak out kot after the traumatised experience minum susu rasa lain. a fren gave this ranting pokok to wean off (ppl use coffee la..jadam la etc). aku pun tenyeh la without any feeling. Wallahh..tetiba azhad tak mau dah.

Masuk the 5th nite, he was still cranky. tapi volume dah kurang sket la. cuma he wanted to be carried bila time feeding tu. I think he is remembering the closeness during feeding. kesian betul.

oohh well...he is a big baby anyhows. mak pun banyak naa masalah kesihatan yg nak dilook after. I just wish he will drink more bottle susu when is around me je.