Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Muhammad Azhad

I didnt post this story, just because i dont think that there was any interesting story to tell. But i was reading Mak Andeh's blog just now and this come to mind.

Sometime early July, the family took a vacation to go to a place where passport and boarding aeroplane was required. Though i have reservation in bringing 2 lil kids on a plane, the anticipation is very similar to bringing kids to see movies. (those yg penah bawak - u will know the feelings)

So there were we, on the way to our destination. the 2 hours flight there was not so hard. But for very similar-monkey action by Alesha yang terpanjat-panjat the kerusi to get to her friend who was seated at the front seat. Azhad thankfully was sleeping all the times. Albeit the fact that i think the passenger seating accross me can see glimpses of my chest area, i managed to curb the anxiety level of the lil kids. Very low disturbance level for other passengers - i hope.

The travelling back part was a bit tricky. not to mention that we had to climb stairs to get to the departure door - with stroller and beg susu , but we had to walk to some distance under the hot sun to get to the plane. phew! Berpeluh ketiak mak tau!!

But good thing was, Azhad was sleeping the entire time (hence menambahkan kepeluhan ku itu). Once boarding the plane, all settled down, we waited for about a full 10 minutes before the stewardess announced 1 passenger had checked in but couldnt not be counted in the plane. Hmm gi buang air kot - thats the thing that crossed my mind.

5 minutes after that another announcement boomed : Please report any of your travelling companion not with you - we listened without paying much attention. And starting to get piss - pesal la orang ni tak naik-naik ni.

5 minutes later - Muhammad Azhad please report to the front - Wow i thought.. ada jugak orang nama Azhad - I have not come accross anybody with this name before. Starting to get pissed again but was on the look out to see sapa la the lucky guy yg nama sama ngan anak aku ni. Nobody come forward. Commotion started to build in the plane.

5 minutes later - A name similar to my FILw was called out. i started to feel a bit suspicious. nudged hubby on my side and told him you kot. A name similar to our family friend was also called out. Sah dah ni. Hubby went to the front had a lil chit chat with the stewardess and several AA staff yang dah berkumpul kat cockpit area tu. Turned around with a big DUH!! smile on his face.

Guess who Muhammad Azhad was? Its Azhad Razan who was happily sleeping on the sling!! Apparently when they did the click-click head count, they did not see Azhad in the sling. hence, the passenger list was short of one.

Hehehe sorry you guys..His name is Azhad Razan. Not Muhammad Azhad. If you called out Razan Azhad pun i would have responded. :P

This was how Azhad in the Sling. 1 pic he was sleeping and the other pic he was nursing. Can you really blame the stewardess for not seeing him? hehehe