Thursday, August 21, 2008

Medela oh Medela FOR SALE

Ive got a confession to make.

During one of my rampant buying spree, i have 'accidently' purchased a Medela-E Plus. Accident read saja saja masuk kedai tak bawak duit tapi bawak credit card and dah terbeli the pum.

Masalahnya, i think the pump is not working for me. I mean..its good but i am not so fortunate enough to be blessed with more than 2 'opened' milk duct. get what i mean ke? Maknanya whenever aku pum, 1 2 lubang aje la yg kuar susu.

Dari aku sakit hati memandang pump itu, i have decide to let it go for RM600 only. I know its a bit on the high side, but FYI ive only used it for 3 times. BTW, i bought it last MOnday. The offer is open for 2 weeks, in which time, i will not be using the pump.

I'm selling the complete set together with the box.

So, there goes..i hope there is a buyer out there.

Tangisan Bulan Madu

Korang baca/tengok tak cerita ni?

I caught glimpses of the series now and then. Caught (as in stop at rtm2 when channel browsing and somehow ended up watching the series) the time when Bogart was saying things about not touching Mira..Fast forward..i caught the the series when Razlan was in the picture (i put two and two together and pretty much guessed Bogart dah kiok). Bad Razlan and then later 'mellowed' Razlan. Can only figure out he was so hostile to Mira coz Mira doesnt want to accept him. (Ye ke?)

and last nite, i caught it the series by accident again. This time it was Norman Hakim as Dr. What(?) and Mira married to him (as second wife?) with kid and a madu(?)

Aisay..complicatednyer cerite ni. Can somebody summarised it all for me so i know what is the ending??? Pleaseeeee

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank you

First of all..thank you friends...

kenapa thank you?? I dont know whether im giving vibes away..or GOD in his mysterious way is helping me see light..but when i am thinking of something..either all or some of the blogs ive frequented will write about it.

For e.g. this potty train thingy. I was considering it for some time. Then i read about it @ fid. So..taking the lead from her..i pursued Alesha's potty training. And believe it or not..she is now diaperless day & nite (except when she wants to poo but that doesnt count coz she actually said she wants to poo and go cry like crazy - aku pun pelik kenapa dalam nak membuang tu pun dia buleh nangis cam nak kuar bijik mata - for a diaper). Now gloating about potty-training Alesha, i read about it at nunumom's blog. She is now potty-training her daugther. Also kak yan and her *Alis. Welcome to the club i must say.

another thing is about kindy. I was seriously considering kindy for Alesha. In fact, last monday, i took leave of work simply to try out some kindies. I did not get to ask questions to the owners. In fact, i really dont know what to ask. And today, i get the long what to ask list from fid (*Again*). I sure dont remember asking her what should i do etc etc in sourcing for the right kindy for alesha. But then, there she is..writing about it for me to view.

and then there was this thing about kenduri kendara. Fid wrote about this, and one new blog i frequented also writes about it. I recently experience kenduri (where you masak sendiri berkampung ramai-ramai etc etc kind of kenduri). again, i get to see the FUN side of kenduri (i think GOD wants me to be thankful that i have to get to experience the joyful berkampung feeling) as opposed to keep on complaining how penat memotong bawang, menyiang daging dan sebagainya.

So u get me where im coming from...God is certainly showing me light. Not a big neon bright light staring me right at my face..but more subtle light and require me to spend a bit of time destressing from work by bloghopping. I get to be more sensitive, more courageous and more motivated to achive my goals.

hmmm and now who says blog hopping is no good? ahaks!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Selingan : can u believe it i forgot to bring ebm to MIL? Lenggang kangkung (NOT! Was carrying sleepy Azhad, big hand beg (kenkonon berangan stylish nak bawak duffel beg yg bagak itu) and Avent, car key) to MIL dengan semangatnya sebab baru pukul 8.15 a.m. 1st time sampai ofis 8.30 am dude!! Come 9.00 a.m. laki aku dah menjerit dari umah. Alesha was still sleeping.

Asked SIL to give him formula on Alesha's bottle. Trying out my luck coz he likes to suckle her bottle.

Just called SIL. Azhad refused to drink. (Amin..dalam hati dah terdetik..inikah era berakhirnya ebm aku. Nasib baik dia tak mo) Now he is outside tengok burung while waiting for papa and kakak datang jalan kaki bawak ebm.

hahahaha. berpeluh ketiak la dua beranak tu jalan kaki. Tu la..orang kejut suruh bangun tak mo.


I was screaming my head off at Alesha while we were driving to someplace for something that she did(now i cant seem to remember why i was so angry - punya la immaterial punya hal boleh mengamuk cam giler) . Within seconds of me breathing fire..she asked me these..

Her : Ma sayang Sha tak?

Me: Sayang! (in a very tak sayang tone)

Her: Kalau sayang kenapa marah sangat?

Me: *gulp*

So dear friends...tell me how do i respond to that.

I would like to think that i am raising a emotionally genius child (as opposed to brain genius - quoting Diyanazman - geniuses are freaks, normal is awesome) who is perceptive to people's feelings around her, hence she asked me that question. But definitely not when i was being put under the above situation.

If she can asked me this at 3 years old, imagine what she will be asking (or retaliating) when she is 13 yrs old? *shivers* *shivers*

I was brought up old school. Canning and mom shouting from the top of her lung at me (think berleter in BOSE speaker turn at high volume) where the neighbors right left and 3 houses down from either side can hear her. Definitely NOT the psycho-therapy session family where no cubit-cubitan and lempang-lempangan are allowed.

Not denying that i am turning into my mom, i am worried for Alesha. For all the screamings and yellings and etc etc, i think i turned out good. But will she be 'good' too?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Muhammad Azhad

I didnt post this story, just because i dont think that there was any interesting story to tell. But i was reading Mak Andeh's blog just now and this come to mind.

Sometime early July, the family took a vacation to go to a place where passport and boarding aeroplane was required. Though i have reservation in bringing 2 lil kids on a plane, the anticipation is very similar to bringing kids to see movies. (those yg penah bawak - u will know the feelings)

So there were we, on the way to our destination. the 2 hours flight there was not so hard. But for very similar-monkey action by Alesha yang terpanjat-panjat the kerusi to get to her friend who was seated at the front seat. Azhad thankfully was sleeping all the times. Albeit the fact that i think the passenger seating accross me can see glimpses of my chest area, i managed to curb the anxiety level of the lil kids. Very low disturbance level for other passengers - i hope.

The travelling back part was a bit tricky. not to mention that we had to climb stairs to get to the departure door - with stroller and beg susu , but we had to walk to some distance under the hot sun to get to the plane. phew! Berpeluh ketiak mak tau!!

But good thing was, Azhad was sleeping the entire time (hence menambahkan kepeluhan ku itu). Once boarding the plane, all settled down, we waited for about a full 10 minutes before the stewardess announced 1 passenger had checked in but couldnt not be counted in the plane. Hmm gi buang air kot - thats the thing that crossed my mind.

5 minutes after that another announcement boomed : Please report any of your travelling companion not with you - we listened without paying much attention. And starting to get piss - pesal la orang ni tak naik-naik ni.

5 minutes later - Muhammad Azhad please report to the front - Wow i thought.. ada jugak orang nama Azhad - I have not come accross anybody with this name before. Starting to get pissed again but was on the look out to see sapa la the lucky guy yg nama sama ngan anak aku ni. Nobody come forward. Commotion started to build in the plane.

5 minutes later - A name similar to my FILw was called out. i started to feel a bit suspicious. nudged hubby on my side and told him you kot. A name similar to our family friend was also called out. Sah dah ni. Hubby went to the front had a lil chit chat with the stewardess and several AA staff yang dah berkumpul kat cockpit area tu. Turned around with a big DUH!! smile on his face.

Guess who Muhammad Azhad was? Its Azhad Razan who was happily sleeping on the sling!! Apparently when they did the click-click head count, they did not see Azhad in the sling. hence, the passenger list was short of one.

Hehehe sorry you guys..His name is Azhad Razan. Not Muhammad Azhad. If you called out Razan Azhad pun i would have responded. :P

This was how Azhad in the Sling. 1 pic he was sleeping and the other pic he was nursing. Can you really blame the stewardess for not seeing him? hehehe

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I forgot to blog about this last Friday.

Can you guys guess where ive been last friday? Kuang kuang kuang. No Dark Night to rescue me, but i was hung on Mummies. guess right. I went for The Mummies.

I am not gonna yap about the review. Who am i to write all that? Plus i am bad at memorising names and titles and such. I cant even remembers what the full title of the movie. I know its the Mummies movie and Brendan Fraser is it in.

A bit on the background check - I LOVE BRENDAN FRASER....back from his With Honors movie (dont bother to check whats his 1st movie), the crazy rock singer character he played who went to hijack (bloody hell - i cant think of the right word for this) the radio station (what movie eh?) and whatever movies he's on. I remember listing all his movies (back then where got internet laaa - even if there is any, mana tau guna) and giving the list to the VHS rental shop. Yup..its VHS dude! get my drift. I am a big (but not crazy) fan of BF. He is like brad pitt to me or Justin Timberlake to some teenager girls (ye ke? - whats hot now?)

The Mummies for me is like James Bond for some 40ish woman, or Indiana Jones for some , or even Star Trek. You get what i mean. The Mummies does it for me!! Maybe it was produced during my years (=when i was growing up and into movies) or maybe because BF was in. I cant really pinpoint what does it for me.

So if you ask me know, whats the review, i am bias.

But Hubby went to watch it yesterday. (yes ladies - my hubby do go out with friends - without me!!). and he said it was not as good as the other Mummies. The Mummies aka Jet Li is not evil enough for him and Evie..arrgh..what an eye sore.

I cant say much about Jet Li. If BF is my dreamy mat saleh actor, than i have to say Jet Li is his Chinese counter part. Dont get me start on Jet Li's VHS i have rented, i wouldnt be able to tell you -the titles were in chinese. but suffice to say, i watch too many of his kungfu movies, that i seriously think that he has long front shaving hair. Hmm..maybe he does have hairs like that.

Anyways.. few days before hubby making the comments, i was making the same comments to a friend. FYI, we (hubby and me) do not talk about movies as detailed as they way we speak to other friends. Hubby asked me hows Mummies , i said ok apa. I asked hubby how Mummies. He said ok la..Mummy dia tak best. Bini dia pun tak cun. (the para before is my interpretation of his words..wife ada hak nak elaborate!!)

But i tend to agree with him on bini tak cun. I mean. .racheal weiss (??) is like the epitome of sexy va va voom to me. A bit on a fleshy side (kenkonon nak relatekan ke diri i la tu - ahaks!) that makes you feel that you the character. and her husky voice is undeniable an attraction, dont u think/

The off thing will this Mummies, firstly would be the evie charater. Dont know who she is, (though she looks a bit familiar to me) and i dont think her english accent is actually working well. But DUH!! who am i to say on this. moi pun cakap slang malayish. But pairing her up with BF, fire la. U have this hunk of a guy as hubby, and bini muka berkedut-kedut and tak attractive langsung, bleh? eeee semak mata memandang.

That is one, secondly, the son. I mean, i know that several years have passed (dont care how long exactly) but get la some kid who has some sweet looking face to play Alex. They looked more like brothers rather than father-son team la. And whenever BF wants to pull his fatherly gig, so not happening to me. Maybe the casting director should have 'hobbit dude' on his mind when casting for the role. Barula believable sket to match the hunky BF, tak ke gitu?

All in all, like i said, Mummies have a special place in my heart. I dont care if its gonna be the 10th Mummies movie pun, i will be buying a seat to watch. (Or maybe i should put an exclusion remark - only if BF is in it.)