Wednesday, May 30, 2007


29 May 2007 was my 3rd anniversary.

Morning as usual was too hectic for us to go out of norm. The though struck me only when i was in the office at about 9.30 a.m.
Snap snap..i took a picture of my smiling face and texted the very mushy anniversary wish to dear hubby and off MMS the same to him.

By 4.00 p.m. i was still waiting for his reply wish. Now starting to sulk and a bit pissed.

4.30 p.m. he called me up and told me he's off to play soccer and SIL babysitting Alesha was not well. Moi have to go back to look after Alesha. Still no anniversary wish.

Now i was totally pissed and sulking like nobody's business.

On the way back to work, he mentioned something about cooking dinner. It has been for months since we had home cooked dinner at home - we always had dinner first at MIL's before heading home- I was too pissed to pay any attention. Still no anniversary wish.

ding-dong-ding-dong, its 8.00 p.m. and we were on the way back home. STILL NO ANNIVERSARY WISH!! I was by then too tired to be pissed.

When we arrived, dear hubby asked me to open the door for him. Puzzled as he was always the one with the key. Hmmm...when i opened the door, this was what i see...

Yahooooooo he did remember!!

and there was this peculiar sweet scented smell in the house. I also noticed that my bedroom door was shut closed. I had a habit of drying my towel on the door, so the door was forever cracked ajar because of the towel. Something fishy was going on.
and this was what i see when i opened the door...

Thank you bie...:))

We had our scented candle light dinner at 10.00 p.m. (i was too high on cloud 9 to notice it took him 2 hours to cook black pepper meat, black pepper mushroom and kerang tomato - all recipes he cut off from magazines that morning) with a bottle of cheap Bubbly Grape Drink. Again i was too love-drunk to notice that!!

It was a romantic dinner ...

....except for this lil' pest between us....Lil' Alesha of course....:)

All in all, it was a lovely day for me...minus the hassle of cleaning up after that!!!

Little things like this make me remember the reason why i married him in the first place. We have know each other since we were 18. He was then my first boyfriend and i was his first too.

We went through adolescent together. We cried, laughed and played together. and at times we took each other for granted.

But when we took little effort like this in our relationship, it opens our eyes and warms our heart.

God may have other plan for us and for the time being...HIS plan includes me and him together.