Friday, November 28, 2008


Saya rasa saya tanya kat sini je lah. tak yah bukak thread baru. Rasa dah baca semua post kat thread ni tapi tak cakap pun camna aturan ebm masa waktu malam. camna u guys buat? Baby tak jerit-jerit ke memalam waktu kita perangatkan ebm? ada advice tak on fastest way to prepare ebm?

hEHHEHE di atas adalah post aku di forum yang sangat di'sukai' oleh Fid. (kuikuikui). But seriously, camna aku nak have the fastest ebm nite feeding? Semalam aku buat trial-run, he woke up about 5 times, but not for constant feeding, merely suckling 5 minutes cam tu je. Aku dok memikirkan cara nak menyenangkan my SIL since u'll know la the pressure suh aku stop ebm to Azhad. Akku tak mau le benda-benda yang overly nyusahkan dia ni meng-demotivated kan dia untuk tolong aku continue bf azhad.

aku merasakan begini tau aku nak buat:

Option A:
Simpan 2 -3 0z dalam 3 -4 botol. Botol tak payah letak dlm fridge. Biar kat room temp. So bila dia nak minum, sumbat aje the room temp ebm

Kerisauan 1
Tapi tahan ke ebm tu? FYI, aku tak rasa its gonna be fresh ebm. MEsti aku ambik dari freezer and leave to thaw kat luar aje until its time to be consumed. Apa yg aku risau, ialah ebm yg dah dekat2 subuh n early morning tu

Option B:
Simpan all ebm dlm peti. Put 1 ebm dalam bottle warmer on constant on - slow heat. Bila dia nangis pukul 2-3 am tu, straight sumbat. (provided tak terlalu panas la). Lepas pakai that ebm, immediately top-up new ebm dlm bottle warmer untuk next feeding time.

Kerisauan 1:
Bottle warmer tu akan keep warm ke? atau off automatik kalau dia dah panas. Camni basi la kan kalau dia auto off bila dah panas?

Kerisauan 2:
Kalau dia keep warm, boleh minum lagi ke ebm tu kalau dia dah on warmer for more than 1 hour? tu kan?

camna orang kat umah korang handle ebm untuk korang masa malam if korang takde?

cam tak betul aje

Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical
You blog like no one else is reading...
You tend to use your blog to explore ideas - often in long winded prose.
Easy going and flexible, you tend to befriend other bloggers easily.
But if they disagree with once too much, you'll pull them from your blogroll!
I have been wayyyyyyyyy too busy with work to actually update my blog. So much to tell and so little time. and when i have the time, the muse seems to be withering away. sheesh..

i have promised to update some pic on my latest tudung craze..despite the norm of people scratching their faces or plastering smileys all over them, i am the brave few (ahaks!) who will embrace my ketembamam (ahaks! lagi) and have it criticised by the entire world (macamla ramai naa yg baca blog aku)
the pic here is my version of anak tudung + munawarah outer layer
material : vericose rm45 p/mtr (typo tu abaikan - asalkan ko paham)
Awning; kain langsir (hehehe) rm2.80 p/mtr
type : short tudung (i.e. cover neck and rambut kat blakang je
Awning is a bit tebal. U have to press when ironing to get the crisp finishing. Good value since u can use the in/out sides. In side a bit on greyish part. Out side a bit blueish .Im thinking blue/grey/black/cream (there are creamy/white dots on the material) tudung to match the awning if u plan to have long/big sekali sarung tudung type. (i prefer short tudung + separate outer layer)
Yang ni vericose material jugak for both Awning & Short tudung
I wear this with a long printed scarf - printed strategicly placed cascading down by shoulder & head. Lupa lak nak tangkap entire look.
(FID/MEK: when i said my tudung jadik muncung - please see this and the subsequent picture. I tried taking out my glasses but still jadik ropa gini)
Awning: Brocade Rm45 (+-) p/mtr
Tudung: Jersey RM45(+-) p/mtr
Style: short tudung worn with long scarf too. (moi loves the color combination and total effect of this look)
I have another 2 long tudungs made with lower/cheepo jersey material of RM2.50 p/mtr. Pictures tak sempat nak d/load from my camera. Will do later maybe (or not)
as for the above pictures, please dont misinterpret the blurry-ness as my attempt to cover my vogue-ness (haha) it was simply because my h/p (with which i took the above pictures) was covered with slime-my (dey camna nak spell benda ni daa) from Azhad's mouth. Jahanam hp haku.
There goes. Janji telah ditunaikan. Will update more if ada hasil yg menarik selepas ini.

Monday, November 24, 2008

sepetang ahad yg lalu

A day at burger king@ where the parents were happily eating their hearts out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tiny Me

My supplier came just now.

so this is my weight after 7 days into HL

Day 1

weight: 74.5kg
water: 40.9
organ's fat: 10
Muscle: 39.2
Physical :3
BMR: 1330/5565

Week 1
weight: 73.7kg
water: 41.2
organ's fat: 9
Muscle: 39
Physical :3
BMR: 1321/5565

i only know the significant of the 1st 2s. Yang lain ntah apa maknanye dah. So this week's resolution = TAKE 2 HL IN 1 DAY

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tiny Me


7 days into HL and i have yet to follow the routine. Grrrrr.. it seems im having problem of taking 2 shakes in 1 day and still feel the temptation to munch. My craving for sweet things have not been curbed. Just yesterday, i grabbed 4 big cornflakes cookies after my HL shakes. arrghhh!!! MUST. BE. STRONG.

For my record:

B/fast : f1
Lunch: 1/2 mee goreng mamak
Dinner: Steamboat (makan cam nak muntah!!)
Water: 2 tea 1 h20

Day 3
B/fast : f1
Lunch: dave Deli roasted chicken
Dinner: Lauk pauk sahaja
Water: 2 tea 2 h20

Day 4 - weekend
B/fast : 1/2 roti canai 1/3 nasi lemak (uwaaaaaaaa)
Lunch: lauk pauk sahaja
Evening: cekodok pisang (uwaaaaaa)
Dinner: Steamboat (makan cam nak muntah!!)
Water: 1 tea 1 h20

Day 5 - weekend
B/fast : 3 slices of Toast'em
Lunch: lauk pauk / root beer A&W
Dinner: sup daging + 1/3 mee goreng
Water: 1 h20

Day 6
B/fast : NIL
Lunch: 1/2 rice, ayam goreng, 2 veggies
Dinner: HL, lauk pauk, 4 keping cornflake cookies (mati la akuuuu!!)
Water: 1 tea 1.5 h20

Now people, u see why i am fat. Weekends memang ke laut la jawabnya. And come couple of weeks, its birthdays times (the kids and anak buah 3 -4 orang) where for Segambut's clan it means makan-makan time.

untuk memburukkan lagi keadaan, i plan to bake brownies, pies, tarts, etc etc for the party. So i know the temptation will get to me. Cornflake cookies tu dah jadik habuan. And im telling ya, the big fat chuncks that i ate were the hangus batches. Imagine how many i can take if its the 'menjadik' batches. sheesshh... ni nak bertambah gemuk ke nak kurus ni!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tiny Me

today would marked the day i put my foot down and start 'preserving' myself.

For my own record:

Bfast - 3 scopes of F1

Lunch - 1/2 plate rice/ikan bakar/pucuk manis

Dinner - small bowl of tomyam/5 ketul udang masak petai (ni mak metua masak - tak leh tahan aku)

Water consumption: 3 litres of Tea

My Stats:

Weight: 74.5 (yes people..i am THAT heavy!!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the Razans Story

I havent been writing for quite some time. Reason no. 1 = my nites were bz with Singer. hehehhe not that my handiworks are anything to be impressed with - but somehow the satisfaction of sewing and wearing my own handiworks are just so satisfying. Maybe the novelty will wears off in couple of days but whatever it is, i have bought myself 1 singer. So im thinking baju gown for Alesha. But that is another story alltogether.

pic tudung yang dibuat. Sila abaikan tanganku yg dompot itu.

No. 2 = kids were ups and downs with fever. First it was Azhad, then Alesha, then Azhad again and so forth the 'trend' continued. I was catching one too last week that promted my MC untuk yang kesian kalinya. isk isk isk bad kpi. especially now its year end - assesment time.

no. 3 = i am simply busy. Works are mounting just when i am thinking of a long-awaited cycst operation that i should be 'suffering' last February. Yes..i have delayed THAT long. partly because im such a scaredy-cat (spelling peeps!!) a quarter because im afraid of the bulging-flapping tummy (as if la ni tak ada cam extra thick tongue on my middle part) and another 3 quarter (is that more that 1 full round already??) is because Azhad is still on susu ibu.

On that note, i have lost hope on trying to campur susu him. I mean i was trying (not much of an effort though - it was SIL yang beriya try) to mix his feed with FM. Bought a small can of Enfa and a total waste of my Rm49 (i think) as he hardly took a spoonful. So now im taking a more 'liberal' approach to just leave things as they are. Not getting much support from people around me though. coz MIL and my more than 2 SILs were bebeling that i should train him on FM especially since i will be hospitalised for more than 3 days. Arrgh..malas nak fikir. worse case scenario, i would just drag hubby to sleepy with me at the hospital and bring along a comforter and he and azhad can sleep on the floor and he to carry Azhad to me whenever he wants to susu. Dont think hubby will agree to it, but im crossing my fingers in case my stok tak capai 2 days consumption come mid December.

Ini pic Azhad tengah tido waktu demam. Sila abaikan baju pink itu kerana itu baju dipilih oleh kakaknya yang sangat rajin menolong ibu mengambil baju adik di dalam almari.

On Alesha, she got some bling-bling for her ears. The cutesy has been asking for earings ever since she is into make up. So last Saturday i was like what the heck, lets get your ears pierced. She was all geared up and hyped about it. When the adik sprayed that cool-spray thingy on her left ear, she was still maintain-maintain gitu. then come the stapler thing, still ok lagi - with a lil' smile on her face. I think she thinks the spray is the end of it la. When the adik kedai emas snapped the stapler thingy, member punya muka priceless. Its between 'ouch that hurt! is that it! is there more! and hand quickly went cupping the ear. Tapi masalahla sebab she can anticipated the pain already. It took almost 5 sprays tapi tak jadik stapler before i gripped her between my thighs and adik kedai emas did her job. Not so fine sebab i noticed 0.01 milimeter off as compared to her first pierced ear but what the heck..the job is fine. Im guessing no infection coz i dont see slobby 'mucus-look-alike- bendair around the pierced areas.

Ini muka calm tengah marking her ears

ini muka excited sementara tunngu budak pasang stapler.
ini muka eksyen tayang bling-bling
ini pose mengancam tunjuk telingar

Thats the story. No pictures today. been in front of pc since 11.00 pm settling some works. i need to tido now coz tomorrow i have another long day of meeting. (managed to selit pictures today- penat dlm meeting 1 satu takdak mood aku nak kerja)

tata peeps