Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alesha is tickling my laughing bone.

This is what happened this morning -

Me : Sha, come la kiss mam..
Sha: Na nak (smiling sweetly and shaking her head)
Me : Sikit je...sayang mama sini (pointing to my cheek)
Sha: Sha na nak (Sha tak nak)
Me : Sha sayang papa tak?
Sha: Muahs (stand up walk to hubby and give him a kiss with that smacking sound and lie down again)
Me : haa..mama punya turn pulak.. Come sayang mama
Sha: Mama na nak...

This is what happened yesterday -

Pa : Sha sayang papa ke mama?
Sha: Mama muahss (did the flying kiss mouth smacking act)
Pa : Sha sayang papa kan?
Sha: Na nak. Mama (pointing at me)

Now should i smile or cry?