Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm a proud mother. I am!!

Being a mother, you know that your children will somehow (more like inevitable la doink!) grow up and become their own persons. And of course, deep down, you never want them to grow up. Having being just a mother for roughly 2 and a half years, i think it would be too soon for me to start having another person in the household as opposed another kid being an extension of me and hubby. Now..this is definitely confusing..but you know what i mean..right?

back to the original intention of the post, we all know Alesha is reaching her 3 years this December. and we all (we all meaning all my cyber friends with kids Alesha's age) know how kids this age can throw tantrum and basically disobey our commands though we are shouting fire from our nostril. If yours dont-mine is definitely ignoring me at times (thank GOD it is only at times - though at times nowadays are like most of the times!!!). If she knows the saying "TALK TO THE HAND" - i am most sure she will just put up her right hand at me and having me talking to it without stopping whatever she is doing!!!

But despite all these, i can not NOT be a proud mother of her.

Reason no. 1.
Several months ago, she stopped night feedings. I am most thankful of this as i was (and still is) getting comfy with 'selak and feed' the lil azhad. It was just a drag having to wake up for a mere 3 oz feeding couple of times at night. Hubby was assuming the job but the level of his crankiness having to wake up to buat susu - yikes..lets not go there.

Reason no. 2
Couple of months ago, she started wearing her own baju. First it was depan-belakang terbalik. But given couple of days, she understood that picture-front button in front and the rest at the back. Then it was the problem with the pant. Again, she will keep on flipping the pant on herself while asking ' cam ni yea mama?' 'ni depan yea mama?' 'ni yea?' - even when i was on the jamban doing my bussines. (i had to peeked out while she paraded in front of me).
Again, in a matter of days, (after i figure out there is no way i could be postponing my 'business' just for her to ask me mana depan mana belakang) of teaching her the side with the tag (or yang ada tanda tu!!) is supposed to be on your back, she grasped the concept and begin wearing her own clothes.
Its our routine, that i bathe myself, then Alesha (dry her up and let her go menganginkan bam bamnya), then Azhad. But before i step on the bathroom, all the clothes will be laid down for wearing on the katil or some nearby sofa.
Usually she will do her own bussines after i bathe and dry her. (meaning terkinja kinja lari tengok tv or gi menulis or apa apa suka hati dia) while waiting for me to monitor her pakai baju session. But to my suprised, few days ago, just when i stepped out of bathroom with wet Azhad, she emerged at the door, fully clothed (no front back mixed up) with a comb on her hand and an announcement to my delight : MA..Sha pakai baju sendiri..betul tak ma?
My heart flowered.

Reason no. 3
Alesha is potty trained. Or half potty trained. Up until yesterday, she wore diapers during napping and sleeping at nite. Or when we go out jalan jalan coz mom and pop tak kuasa nak mencuci dia di public toilet yang dikuatiri tahap kebersihan. But yesterday, SIL told me that she napped diaperless. Heart flowered again. and last nite, for the first time i go kamikaze by having her diaperless at night. I woke up at 2.30 a.m to feed feverish Azhad (am on half day to bring azhad to see paed today), stirred Alesha up.
and this is what happened: Moaning and crying and moaning with in between nak susu and moaning and crying. Hubby got fed up, throw a diaper at me and passed a bottle to Alesha. half way bottle, i stroked her and said..'jom kencing yayang..' She passed me the bottled, and lifted up her bam bam for me to pull her pant down and extended her arms to be lifted to toilet. (but not before winking at Azhad and saying hii Adikkk..with all the commotion, si Azhad tu dah bangun sambil tersengih-sengih memandang kakaknya) and wallah..what do u know...she actually did her business in the loo...WAAAAA.
As at 8.30 a.m when hubby put her half closed sleepy eyes on MIL's sofa, she was still diaperless and yet to go to the loos. (crossed fingers she doesnt leak on MIL's sofa when i was off to office).

SO..despite the fact that i am sooo sleepy due to the lack of sleep (menjeram Azhad yang demam dan risau si kecik tu menghancingkan tilam) i am ONE PROUD MAMA and my ALESHA is now a girl in the house.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Impian ku Musnah

huhuhuhu..impian nak menonton wayang terkabur..(padan muka aku sapa suruh eksyen tulis kat blog!!)

Reason being : aku punya la asyik beratur dari pukul 11.00 pagi nak beli pampers Warehouse Sale Mommy Poko!!!! By the time borong semua, dah pukul 12.00 noon. By the time aku punggah semua naik opis, dah pukul 12.15 p.m. Tengok the latest show eiii..pukul 12.00 p.m. the other earliest show was on 1.00 p.m. tak sempat la ni. huhuhuhu..

Tapi if its any consolation, i bought 4 L44 MommyPoko pampers for RM30.00 each. Ni nak turun pi beli lagi.....


tambahan: enam jahanam...dah abis pulak size L. grrr...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I heart Friday


Duh! Who wouldnt right? Particularly since it would be the last day of the week and you would be having 2 days of completely non-working-salary-paid work (as opposed to 'working' as a mom!! which is 10x tiring i must say!!!). And of course, added bonus for me is the thought of NOT HAVING to pump - sorry u guys...aku dah nak termuntah mengepam di opis, tapi sebab budak genius tu, aku dayakan jugak -. So in a nutshell...i am in great anticipation of Fridays.

BUT lately, there is another good reason why i heart friday. hahaha...very genius and very entertaining activity indeed. I go movie watching during friday lunch time!! HAHA!! BEst kan..

Comeon tell me...where in the world can u find a mom with 2 kids - no helper - who has the opportunity to catch up with the latest movie in the market - not counting those who beli pirated la of course. I am talking about caramel-crunchy-popcorn-ear-shattering-soundsystem-cold and sometimes teeth clattering aircondition-and big screen in a dimmed ligthing noise muffled/padded area of CINEMA!!! And to top it off, no screaming toddler to watch over and no baby who is practically hanging to your chest while watching the movie!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago it was HANCOCK, last week it was Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I wonder what will be the 'CINEMA MENU' for this Friday? Hell Boy? Wanted? Hmmm

Monday, July 21, 2008



Entry specifically dedicated for the fats in me. The Battle begins on 14 July 2008 where i consumed the 1st yucky tumbler of HL.

Still failed to be honest to myself and after 1 week, i think i am only able to consume HL in A.M - while driving to work. Taking lunch like nobody's bussiness, 2 - 3 occasions of HL dinners. and bread (3 -5 pieces with yummylicious ikan bilis goreng) and full non-HL meals on weekends ..Arrgggg PENIPU!!



IN COuple of weeks, Azhad will turn 8 months. Makanya genaplah 6 bulan aku exclusive bf dia and top with 3 mos failed attempt to get him on formula.

Boleh percaya tak? Budak yang bertuah lagi sangat pandai itu boleh reject FM. Nak kata aku begitu semangat nak bf..ada la sesikit. But then again, like i said in my previous post, FM is the option i was considering for my sanity. And i did in fact bought a tin of FM that costs me close to RM50.00.

Tapi kuasa Tuhan lagi besar, itu budak pandai tak mo even a sip of FM. He suckled at first. Ada la kot..2x 2 oz he drank, lepas tu, he just refused to take more. Even if we tried, he will suckle 1 time, and turn his head the other way refusing the nipple. SIL even store the pre-ready FM in the fridge and go thru the same EBM warming ritual (while carrying him) to convince him that FM = EBM.

Makanya AKU DENGAN BANGGA NYA (although none of it is my doing - But mak mesti boleh tumpang glamer anak kan) nak kata AZHAD IS STILL ON BF AND GOING STRONG!!!! HIP HIP HURRAY!! HIP HIP HURRAY! HIP HIP HURRAY!!


Operasi Gagak Hitam


Aktiviti pada satu minggu yang damai...Cuba teka yang mana saya? kuang kuang kuang.


EIii rasa cam dah empat tahun tak memblog. Bz bukan main..And whenever there is time to do it, takde pulak idea yang melimpah ruah.

My piling works are still as high. But i think for the sake of my sanity, i have to take a breather and update my lil online diary of the happenings in the house of Razan.

Alesha is as joyful as she can be. Still singing Air Pasang Dalam with the alternate of 'pokok bunga telor..' and 'pokok bunga melor'. Still showing tantrums whenever she feels like it. Both parents are hangin on a thin thread before snapping and lashing a backlash. Hahahha...nah!! i dont think i will be using my 'backlash' on her yet. Hopefully not ever. But she is testing our patients. Mantra : Sabarrrr.. Think of her sweet smile and Sabaaaaarrrrrr

Azhad is a confirmed cry baby. He cries when he sees me, he cries when he doesnt see me. Long story short, he cries!! Both Parents are definitely not revisiting the idea of another baby soon..and Most definitely counting days when he will be a toddler. (Duh! did that with Alesha and now wishing that she remains an infant!). No matter how hard he cries, Azhad is the best baby in the world when he is in my arms. Makes everything worthwhile when his cries stop immediate when i pick it up and replaced with a big grin. Or so you think! Not when its 8.00 am in the morning and i am rushing to work with my tummy growling to do its morning ritual!!!
Again ..Mantra: Sabarrrrr....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I have been reading about homeschooling a lot now. Thanks to Fid, who writes about it, Anamiraa who has links to other blogs about it and Rizza who actually implemented homeschool.
Similar to Fid, i dont think i have the opportunity to do homeschooling simply because of the financial burden to the family. And by looking at how things are going, i doubt it that i will ever get the chance.
On this note, i have to say that i am deeply overzealous at my own incapacity to give the best for my children as opposed to 'housewives' moms out there.
I am writing this down simply as a reminder to myself that i have to change for the betterment of my children. Alesha will be in school come 2009 so she develops socially. I think she needs to be outside her circle so she will be more attune to people around her.
But more importantly, i have to make time for her. I was looking at various homeschool blogs lately and most definitely sure if i put just 1% more effort at making it work - even on weekends- my children will benefit from it.
Will write more about this when i can sort my schedule more.