Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twilight - Spoiler Entry


Have u guys watched Twilight?

Sekiranya korang tak tau apa itu twilight, sila abaikan ya. Sekiranya korang tau, sila maklum that i haven't had the opportunity untuk membaca bukunya. In fact, only now i am googling for the book (s?) to know more about it.

As you now (ke?) i am a big fan of vampire books. Kenkonon perasan immortal. Apakah maknanya? Jangan la tanya - aku memang bengong. Come to think about it, waktu jawab fakta rawak ritu, maybe aku boleh cakap aku impikan nak jadik vampire? kuang kuang kuang.

Sila jangan jump the gun. Sekiranya anda membaca cerita vampire zaman kini, you would be very suprised at how they menceritakan asal usul vampire. Gone are the days of Count Dracula with cape and stupid vampire teeth, now its all about macho sexy men who are just irresistable. I am by all means aware that vampires do not exist. Tapi seperti biasa, a working mom with 2 small kids have to find an escape to la la land, and this is the best escape for me (shopping is just too expensive laaaa..)

The Blackdagger brotherhood was great. But the mystical aura tu aku cam geli ketiak pulak nak layan feeling lelebih. There is the Argeneau Novel by lyndsay sands which is very exciting and witty and just yummy. I am not one who spend money to membeli semua. memang cheepo tapi korang pun tau rm tu baik di beli barang anak-anak (or kasut mak yang baru..hehehe) so the alternative is to pinjam ke kenkawan. sorry yea kenkawan yang telah dijahanamkan bukunye itu oleh aku.

Anyhow..i intend to write about Twilight - The Movie. So lets get on with it.

I cannot find any fault with the movie. The casting was great. the story line was interesting enough that makes u wanna read its book. I am more the type who needs to be entertain visually coz mak nyer imagination very limited but twilight is a movie that makes me wanna read its book. much as i want to relate and cair (secair memula tengok Titanic dulu) i cant relate with the character. The main and only reason is simply because...aiyahhhh awatnya citer pasai high school kids!!! college kids aku leh perasan lagi, ni high school? grrrr buang karan betul laaa...

Tetapinya citer tu memang menarik. Sila la beli DVD (harapnya yg bukan haram - ehem) kerana script nyer sangat laaaaaaaaaa meruntun jiwa.

"I dont have the strength to stay way from you" - Twilight is as romantic as the then "You got me at hello" - Jerry McGuire.

Just finished reading the reviews online. Hmm..wonder if the author have a story ready when the couple are in their 30s....