Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Of being in hiatus and feeling crappy

gosh...i actually forgot my password and had to try several before getting it right!!

mati la ke laut blog ni.

How long has it been? a year? probably..Afea is about 1 yr 5 months now..and i think my last blog was when i was about to have her? was it? ok...it was that long ago. i kid u not!!

its 2013. yes..well..mid of 2013..and again, my new year reso was to loose weight.

I had the same sort of reso too when i celebrated my last birthday back in Sept 2012, did loose some weight..about 2 kilos of it by not eating carbo..and a hell of everything. But of course, the minute u start fitting in that old jeans that u couldnt fit anymore (really peep..i can only put it up to my knee..and i had all strecthy materials..u bet i strech it to the MAX!!) then u start celebrating with cakes and what not..and....suddenly u realised you weight more than the original weight before u start ur non carbo diet!! sheesshh...

But this year..i think i had to start la..not to look pretty and nice and va va voom..but more of healthy reason. yet..BP is forever skyrocketing high..and i had attacks of migraines every now and then.

and looking at the faces of my kids...i serious feels that they cant survive and be what i want them to be (yeah i know bad mommy mode) if im not there to guide them. and plus i have 2 girls..i do wanna go out shoppin with them and have girls talk when they grow up. Though the likelihood that they dont want to have anything to do with  me is quite high...but lets not go there until we get there shall we?!!

SO ..today...this morning i weight 79.1kg. i ate quarter portion of laksa, a bite of Afea's roti (she threw it..what am i suppossed to do..tak baik membazir!!) and couple of bites of pau choc, for breakfast.

and yes people..u get it right..this blog will be my diet blog. dont bother reading it..its just gonna be my daily things on what i ate today posts. totally boring and totally appetite supressing!!

ciao ciao


cysev3n said...

welcome back, nonetheless!

Unknown said...

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